For those who have kept up with us for a while you might remember a few months ago when we posted our largest *E* session image ever.  Now we are happy to report that we have gone the other direction.


Krista and Erik had one of their images put on M&Ms.  These photos melt in your mouth but not in your hands, and I suppose this also breaks our record for not only smallest *E* session image, but also the number of copies of one image. (that may be pushing it)  At any rate these *E* session photos were delicious and fun.

It’s Electric!

November 26, 2008


Right now I am in Georgia for Thanksgiving and they have a ZAP store in town.  ZAP is a brand of electric vehicles and stands for Zero Air Pollution.  I have been checking them out online for a while, but never seen the cars in person until today.  These are quick snaps from my iphone.


I guess the best description is that they are cute.  Oh, and small.  These are the kinds of cars that you would likely see Godzilla chewing up in a low budget sci-fi flick.  They are all electric cars and you can get around 30 miles out of them before you have to plug back in.  If you’re like me and drive about 12 miles each way to the office everyday then this would be perfect.

I’m excited about these cars though I won’t be buying one soon.  In the next year this and other companies will be introducing cars with newer battery technology that will go much faster and much farther per charge.  I need something in the range of 150 miles per charge which only two companies are producing right now.  Not only that, but let’s be honest, I would not mind something a little cooler looking.

The Mini Cooper EV is cool and will go 150 miles but it’s only available in California and costs 50K!  The Tesla is damn cool and will go up to 240 miles on a charge if you have an extra 100K or so to spend.

These ZAP cars on the other hand are a little more than 12K but the performance, speed, and range are in line with it’s pricing.  Check out their web site HERE.

My next car will be 100% electric so I’m excited that things are moving along with regards to battery research and the other technologies to get this happening.  I don’t usually geek out about much, but get me talking about cutting gasoline out of my life and I get pretty chatty.


I Forgot to Mention…

November 24, 2008

…that we moved.  Yeah, it was back in May, it must have slipped my mind to say anything, so here goes.


Our new office location is 3708 Benson Dr. in Raleigh, but all of our fan mail is still going to the old address. So unless you are coming to visit, not much has changed.

Did I mention this place is cool?  We are rooming with seven other wedding related businesses which makes for a super great working environment. We have a DJ, a planner, the worlds best florist and even a spa on the top floor!  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the W&W open house party.  We kinda haven’t had that yet, but stay tuned, it’s coming!

I’ll admit this is a snap shot of the building, but this is what you’re looking for if you want to come visit.

This is what you’ll see as you walk into our gallery.  I have a separate production office, but it’s kinda messy because that’s where the real work happens.

“It’s a Major Award!”

November 21, 2008

As the holiday season rolls around, it’s time to break out the holiday classic A Christmas Story.  Hands down my favorite Christmas film of all time.  One of the best parts of the movie is when the dad wins a prize for a crossword puzzle contest and when they deliver the big box he has no idea what it is, he just knows that it’s a “Major Award!”.  He says “Major Award!” over and over, and it’s just funny when all of the packing material is cleared, there in the crate is a lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg, complete with high heel and fishnet stocking.  Priceless!

Though much less electrical, I received a “Major Award!” last week too.  It was from the Triangle chapter of NACE which is a catering trade group.  Each member photographer had the opportunity to submit a collage depicting one wedding event.  I submitted Lauren and Will’s wedding from May and won the “Major Award!” for best photography.

They say life imitates art, so just like in the movie when the lamp breaks, I managed to break my “Major Award!” too.  I was able to glue it back together, but it will never be the same.

This is my “Major Award!” (saying that never gets old)

This is the collage that I submitted

If you would like your own “Major Award!” you can go to

Meridith and I had been anticipating our trip to Charleston for many weeks.  We were going to enjoy a weekend without kids, and hang out with some great people.  The things I was most looking forward to were our engagement sessions that we had scheduled months in advance.

The first session was with Rocky and Jordan.  Charleston holds a special magic for them and they jumped at the chance to have their *E* session there.  We had so much fun that we decided to get together after dinner for a night session which proved to be a great time.  We went to several of the spots around town that are supposed to be haunted, but our cameras captured nothing supernatural in the darkness.

We have another trip planned for early April, and we’ll be sending out an email to all of our 2009 clients to come along and join the fun.

Nikki & Keith- New Bern, NC

November 7, 2008

I’m back to posting photos.  It was a busy, busy summer and we are still catching up but wanted to share some of the coolness from Nikki & Keith’s wedding.

It was great to find this collection of books by Nicholas Sparks in the Bed & Breakfast where the ladies got ready.  I’ve never read one of his books, but I knew that he was from the area, so it made for an interesting subject.

I’m So Happy!

November 5, 2008

Last night as I was watching the election coverage I finally saw the moment I had been waiting to see for months.  I was so happy I nearly shed a tear.  First it was a commercial for Aleeve, then a Sonicare toothbrush, and then one for Golden Corral.  It was amazing, I finally had real commercials back on TV!!

Being that North Carolina has been such a “battleground state” we have had absolutely nothing lately but campaign ads.  All of our races both local and national have been aggressive; from the Senate to the Governor’s office and as of right now we still don’t know which presidential candidate won the state.  Campaigns fought hard here and the TV ads never stopped.

I personally think that part of our economic problem is that there were so many companies that could not get their commercials on air that many TV watchers were unaware that they could buy a car or order a pizza.  It just didn’t occur to them to go buy stuff because they didn’t see a commercial giving them the permission and suggestion to do so.

I don’t really watch very much television, but when I do I want my commercials predictable and mundane like I’m used to.  Neither I or anyone I know has ever been this interested in an election.  The passion, and sense of urgency energized us all, but most people I know agree that we are glad to see this election season put to bed.  We’ll do it all again soon enough.