It was great a weather day for February, but I haven’t experienced that much wind in a long time.  We shot with Brooke and Borden on Wightsville Beach and had a great time.  Interestingly I learned how small and random the world can be sometimes.  If you are a longtime blog reader you may remember the exciting *E* session I shot with Elizabeth and Richard last spring.  It started out as any other beach session would and ended with a sinking boat, the Coast Guard and other emergency personnel.  (Read the story here)  It turns out that after one of the injured people were rushed to the hosplital it was Borden who was there in the trauma center to fix her up.

After I was finished being amazed by the whole six degrees of separration concept, we finished up a great *E* session.  I can’t wait to work with them in April!

Nicole & Kent- Coronado, CA

February 20, 2007

You may have seen Kent and Nicole’s day after photo session several posts ago.  Their wedding took place on Coronado Island, right across the water from San Diego.  What a great place, great couple, fantastic time!  Nicole decided the wedding would have a vintage theme and from the hair, makeup, the gloves and the super elegant dress she pulled it off flawlessly.  The reception was held on the Navy base and also carried the vintage theme with nearly all of the guests in their best 1920s-1940s looks.  One important thing to note.  If you or someone you know aspires to plan a themed wedding the key is communication with everyone involved.  Nicole and Kent did this through their own pre-wedding web site.  They were very good at giving specific direction to guests on what to wear and even showed photos of what was appropriate.


February 20, 2007

Meridith shot some promotional shots for a local musician Mike McAtee last week.  She used our new daylight studio space and some pretty cool perspectives to get the look Mike wanted.

While I was in sunny California shooting a wedding,  Katherine, Meridith and Nathan covered a winter wonderland wedding in chilly NC.  Sherri is an interior designer so there was no shortage of visual creativity and activity throughout the entire day.  Everything you saw said winter.  From the snow machines inside at the recption to the snowy decorated cake resting on a pillar of ice.  Once the the reception was done the partying did not stop.  That evening there was an after party at Childress Vineyards and the theme was Moulin Rouge.  The visual drama continued with red drapes, lots of feathers and of course the dancers.

I’m kinda bummed that I missed all this fun, but I was having my own fun and I’ll post my wedding from San Diego soon.  Nice Job Guys!

Eclipse Sound

February 6, 2007

Meridith and I shot out at the ESS Lounge in downtown Raleigh this past Sunday for Eclipse Sound.  The assignment was to photograph each of their DJs for their new web site.  We had a great time working in the lounge and working with the guys

Will’s Valentine

February 6, 2007

For some reason I was inspired this morning to create a fun card for Will to share with Friends and family for Valentine’s day.  Right after breakfast we went into the studio and shot several head shots.  I had the dark/light theme in mind and his expressions were great!  This is the front of the card.  I like it.