Yes it has been a while since I blogged, I know.  This spring has been non stop so there will be much to share in the future.

This *E* Session was a blast!  Stephanie and Jonah drove down to the beach for the afternoon and ended up driving back soaking wet and sandy.  Yep, it was that fun.  Even my shoes floated away for a bit.  We shot until there was literally no more light.

I did not realize it, but I had a whole tree theme going in yesterday’s *E* Session.  Dana and Michael were great and so were the surroundings.  Upon looking at the images as they were loading in this morning I thought to myself: “wow, I worked the environment hard”

I’m not sure if I was perhaps still celebrating earth day, or high on the pollen, but we had a good time and created some fun images for them.  There are lots more, but these are the few that stood out.  Check back next week to see more from this session.

As promised, more from the west coast.  We started out at Stanford where Nikki is finishing up her studies, then on to misty, foggy San Francisco where the weather changed about every five minutes and kept things interesting.  From there we went over the mountain to the coolest little beach town and shot a little more before stopping for dinner.  All in all it was a great day!

For those who have kept up with us for a while you might remember a few months ago when we posted our largest *E* session image ever.  Now we are happy to report that we have gone the other direction.


Krista and Erik had one of their images put on M&Ms.  These photos melt in your mouth but not in your hands, and I suppose this also breaks our record for not only smallest *E* session image, but also the number of copies of one image. (that may be pushing it)  At any rate these *E* session photos were delicious and fun.

Meridith and I had been anticipating our trip to Charleston for many weeks.  We were going to enjoy a weekend without kids, and hang out with some great people.  The things I was most looking forward to were our engagement sessions that we had scheduled months in advance.

The first session was with Rocky and Jordan.  Charleston holds a special magic for them and they jumped at the chance to have their *E* session there.  We had so much fun that we decided to get together after dinner for a night session which proved to be a great time.  We went to several of the spots around town that are supposed to be haunted, but our cameras captured nothing supernatural in the darkness.

We have another trip planned for early April, and we’ll be sending out an email to all of our 2009 clients to come along and join the fun.

You might have thought that I’d never blog again, but here I am.  Marla and Chris were married this past weekend which means that if I stay on my current blogging schedule you’ll see those images sometime in February. 😉

Marla & Chris were very easy to photograph.  They’re just easy going and in love which makes the session go so smoothly.

As we were headed down the highway to Katie and John’s wedding last week it was so cool to see their billboard with an images from their engagement session. This is officially our first engagement billboard and we liked it so much that we are adding it to our top package 🙂

Movin’ on to happy things!

I had the opportunity to hang out with Genna and Marco a few weeks ago and we walked around downtown and made people stop and stare. I love it when that happens! These two are great fun and totally into each other so I didn’t really need to ask them to get a little closer, that was a given.

I just noticed that I must have a bit of an issue with authority lately. This is the second time recently that I have unintentionally incorporated trespassing into an *E* session. Although I don’t think we actually did trespass this time since we were on the outside of that particular fence.

Anyway, my quest for danger and the rock ‘n roll life aside, I think that Tyler and Jim had a good time walking around their neighborhood and making the neighbors look twice and whisper. At one point a neighbor walked by and asked if the photos were for their wedding announcement for the paper. I told them that Tyler had just won the Powerball and I was there from People Magazine to cover their story.  Of course none of that was true, but hey, if you’re going to get the neighborhood talking make it good right?