I Forgot to Mention…

September 8, 2009

If you have been coming to this blog from a bookmark and wondering why I haven’t posted in a long time, it’s because I should have mentioned that we have a new blog!  Oops!

Our new blog is now an integrated part of our web site waltersandwalters.com

You can link directly to the blog page HERE


April 10, 2009

This has nothing to do with photography but it’s cool and I had to share.  I’m all about the compost pile.  I don’t get it when I see my neighbors bag up their grass clippings and put them out to the curb for trash pickup.  After thanksgiving I put our halloween pumpkin near the pile and just left it.  After a few months of winter it had turned white and deflated.

I happened to look closely at it yesterday and the skin that is usually orange has become translucent and essentially become a little greenhouse for all of the new seed sprouts, protecting them from the cold.  The growth is busting through and soon my back yard will be a Charlie Brown pumpkin patch.  Ahh the magic of nature.


I don’t typically write blog posts like this, but I just can’t keep it to myself.

I happened to be in a local camera shop last Friday looking for a camera part.  It was taking me a while to find what I was looking for and there were several other people being helped so I walked around a bit.  One of the customers was a lady who brought her camera in to have the sales person help her with the settings.  She explained that she had a photo shoot the next day and it was going to be in a dark place.  So I’m thinking OK, her kid is having a birthday party or something and she wants good snap shots, that’s cool.  Then she said the thing that made my blood go cold.  She said:  “The place is dark and the ceilings are high, and I’m sure I’ll have to get really close to the bride and groom during the ceremony so that they show up.”

Say what?  Can she be serious?  Is this for real?  As the sales guy explains what color settings she should use for good skin tones and that she could just point her flash and that “should be fine” (his words), I’m over there freaking out on the inside.  Knowing full well that this lady was going to leave her house the next day and go screw up someone’s wedding photos.

I kind of had to leave at that point.  I felt weird, like I was an accessory or witness to something bad that was about to go down.  Most of all though, I was completely offended that this person had such a casual attitude about the major event that she had been hired to photograph.  I felt bad for the bride and groom for about a minute until I realized that they hired her for some reason.  Maybe it was a good deal, maybe she’s a friend, maybe their standards are low, whatever the case, I’m sure they got what they paid for.

Then a few other things ran through my head that got me even more annoyed.

First of all, weddings don’t just come up all of the sudden.  No one calls you on a Thursday and says “hey our wedding is Saturday are you available?”  This person probably had months to work out her technical issues, shoot tests under similar lighting conditions and get it right, but she chose to think about it the day before the shoot.

Second, why would you go to the place that sold you the camera to get photography lessons?  Nothing against the sales people, they are cool people, but while they might know a fair amount about the equipment itself, they don’t shoot weddings for a living and can’t really speak to that experience.

Third, I know what we do is not rocket science, but it does take hard work, dedication and several years of experience before you’re even kind of good at it.  This mentality I see of getting a fancy camera, a template web site and being a wedding photographer in three easy steps is bringing me down.  We don’t compete with those people, so I’m not worried about that, but it’s sad to see the profession that you’ve poured your entire adult life into cheapened like that.

Fourth, can I even list a fourth? After three points it kind of seems like maybe there really is no point and that I’m just rambling.  So what’s the point of me ranting like this?  Well, it makes me feel a little better, and hopefully you are wiser than you were a few paragraphs ago, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer please interview the crap out of them to be sure they are competent before putting your wedding day in their hands.

Back Home

March 19, 2009

It’s been a busy week. Monday found me in San Francisco for an *E* Session. It was rainy weather but fun. I haven’t had a chance to check out all of the images yet, but here is one that caught my eye. With Alcatraz behind me, and the Golden Gate Bridge in front of me, plus all the rain, it was a memorable experience. Check back in to see more soon.

Workshop Images

February 24, 2009

Last week’s lighting workshop took us on location to a vintage theater. The diversity of the scenery and the models were great! I am just getting a chance to look at the images, but here is one that caught my eye.

Come back tomorrow to see more.

OH Yeah…..

January 19, 2009

It’s my birfday, that’s right, it’s my birfday (normally spelled birthday, but not in the song)

Hell yeah, I made it to 29 again! What an accomplishment. I’m not usually a big celebrator of birthdays, but I have deemed 2009 as the year that everything gets really good again. I am determined to celebrate everything positive and so far, I am still alive and healthy and that’s pretty good. I’m determined to keep the drama low and the energy high this year, and if anyone tries to get in the way of that it will not be pretty.

2008 was a year of intense drama around our family with two births, three deaths, two cancer diagnoses, and nearly 40 fabulous weddings. We managed to hold it all together, BUT this year….2009….you will find me throwing my hands in the air every day screaming “hell yeah!” because it’s going to be that good!

We’re Out!

December 19, 2008

We have officially shipped out the last order and are excited to begin our holiday season this weekend! Family, friends, food and lots of sleep are in my near future.

If you received our news letter a few minutes ago then you know that we’ll be back ready to jump into albums on January 6th I really want to get EVERYONE’S album completed this winter (even the three of you who were married in 2005! where are you?) If you did not get the news letter then email me and we’ll be sure you get all the news fit to print in the next round.

Happy Holidays!

It’s Electric!

November 26, 2008


Right now I am in Georgia for Thanksgiving and they have a ZAP store in town.  ZAP is a brand of electric vehicles and stands for Zero Air Pollution.  I have been checking them out online for a while, but never seen the cars in person until today.  These are quick snaps from my iphone.


I guess the best description is that they are cute.  Oh, and small.  These are the kinds of cars that you would likely see Godzilla chewing up in a low budget sci-fi flick.  They are all electric cars and you can get around 30 miles out of them before you have to plug back in.  If you’re like me and drive about 12 miles each way to the office everyday then this would be perfect.

I’m excited about these cars though I won’t be buying one soon.  In the next year this and other companies will be introducing cars with newer battery technology that will go much faster and much farther per charge.  I need something in the range of 150 miles per charge which only two companies are producing right now.  Not only that, but let’s be honest, I would not mind something a little cooler looking.

The Mini Cooper EV is cool and will go 150 miles but it’s only available in California and costs 50K!  The Tesla is damn cool and will go up to 240 miles on a charge if you have an extra 100K or so to spend.

These ZAP cars on the other hand are a little more than 12K but the performance, speed, and range are in line with it’s pricing.  Check out their web site HERE.

My next car will be 100% electric so I’m excited that things are moving along with regards to battery research and the other technologies to get this happening.  I don’t usually geek out about much, but get me talking about cutting gasoline out of my life and I get pretty chatty.


I Forgot to Mention…

November 24, 2008

…that we moved.  Yeah, it was back in May, it must have slipped my mind to say anything, so here goes.


Our new office location is 3708 Benson Dr. in Raleigh, but all of our fan mail is still going to the old address. So unless you are coming to visit, not much has changed.

Did I mention this place is cool?  We are rooming with seven other wedding related businesses which makes for a super great working environment. We have a DJ, a planner, the worlds best florist and even a spa on the top floor!  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the W&W open house party.  We kinda haven’t had that yet, but stay tuned, it’s coming!

I’ll admit this is a snap shot of the building, but this is what you’re looking for if you want to come visit.

This is what you’ll see as you walk into our gallery.  I have a separate production office, but it’s kinda messy because that’s where the real work happens.

Back it Up!

October 29, 2008

Seriously, I write about this every year, and I write from experience.  Last night I was working late (again) and suddenly from my computer I hear a “click, click, click” sound.  That’s never good.  Next thing I know I get a big bad shut down message, I restart and when the computer is back up one of my five hard drives is not there.

It died.

That hard drive just happened to be the one that contains everyone’s wedding photos.

Oh no!

So after cursing a bit and taking account of how many hours this will set me back I casually took my back up drive from the other computer, take a new hard drive off the shelf and after six hours of copying data we’re back where we were.

All of our stuff is backed up a ridiculous number of times in different locations.  That’s one reason why I roll my eyes when people make the comment that digital must be a lot less expensive than having to buy all that film. (goobers)


If you’re like most people you have photos and music and other important stuff on your computer.  Don’t be like my brother-in-law who heard the clicking noise in his laptop and had nothing backed up.  He lost college papers, music he had purchased and his patience.  If you have a mac I would highly recommend getting something called a Time Capsule (google it).  It’s a wireless hard drive that can back up your entire computer and it’s quite effortless.  If you’re on a PC, then go see the Geek Squad or someone else who can hook you up with the best solution.

Just be sure to do it soon before you hear a click, clikck of your own!