Coming Soon

March 30, 2007

We thought we give you the smallest little taste of the next big thing here at Walters & Walters. In the next week or so we will be launching a brand new website dedicated to kids and families. We have had so many requests from past clients to photograph their new families that we decided to jump in head first and put our spin on the modern child and family portrait.

This will be separate from our wedding site so come back soon for the latest updates!

We didn’t want to just start making portraits of kids. It was important to us to have a clear purpose and direction for our work. The samples below are just teasers really (sorry) to get the whole story come back soon.

The blog book

March 30, 2007

This was a really fun project, and thanks to our super great intern Matt it actually got done!  We decided to turn the past year and a half of our blog into book form.  Sort of a year book that we and out clients can look through and remember the good times we had.  If you or someone you know has been blogged by us then you’re in the book.  It’s over 200 pages of non stop blog excitement complete with all photos and commentary.  If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and check it out!


March 29, 2007

One of our images was also featured in Weddings Unveiled on their last page which is the inspired imagery page.  If you follow the blog, you have seen this image from an UN-Bridal session several months ago.

We photographed their wedding in Wilmington last October and their wedding was selected as a feature in the latest issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine.  How cool to open up a magazine and see yourself on a full page!

Another incredible wedding day!  This time at Fearrington Village.  Ali and Alex had the perfect day for an outdoor ceremony, and we had the perfect couple to get some really great photographs.  These two were so happy all day, and we had no trouble getting them to forget about us being there and just being themselves in front of the camera.

Our intern Matt came along and shot a few images of us working.  The shot below this one is what I saw through my lens.

A lot of people wonder how different the images are when Meridith and I are shooting the same thing.  Here’s a good example.  I was shooting infra red for a surreal effect, and she was using color.


It’s Christmas??

March 23, 2007

Spring is near, the flowers are blooming, bees buzzing, and I am shooting Christmas decorations! What’s up with that you say? Well, in the advertising world, Christmas never stops. This shoot is for box packaging for these inflatable giants. Packaging is typically shot about 9 months before it goes to market, catalogs about 4-6 months, (Christmas in July) and retail ads about 6-8 weeks before they go out to the public.

So take comfort in the fact that even though your memories of the Christmas holiday are fading and your anticipation of summertime increasing, there are teams of people out there who are thinking about the gifts you will be opening next December.

We had an entire crew on location to make this lovely house look like we should be going inside to drink eggnog.  We had thousands of square feet of fiber batting, bags full of biodegradable fake snow, and enough twinkle lights to trip the breakers in the house many times over. We began setting up for the shoot at 2:00 in the afternoon and waited until it was dark at 8:00 to begin shooting, finishing up around 10:00. That’s right, six hours of preparation for two hours of shooting, which is pretty typical.  Tonight will be our third and final night of Christmas for a while.

This is the scene.  All of the inflatable stuff on the right had to be assemble, and the wrinkles steamed out before going into the set. It looks like a lot of fun. It’s more like a lot of work.

Here’s what you’ll see in stores. Merry Christmas!


March 20, 2007

I just stumbled on these photos from January when I traveled out west for a wedding and ended up in Hollywood just to see what it was all about. I walked the streets for a few hours and it was all interesting, but a little less amazing than I anticipated. Lots of great places to shop if you’re a stripper or need a tattoo or some “tobacco”. There were a few really great vintage clothing stores though. I took about ten photos the whole time, not wanting to do the whole tourist geek thing. I ate at the oldest Italian resurant in Hollywood and even though I forget the name, the food was very good. I did end up going to see the big sign. It’s in a cool neighborhood, but it was night time by then, so no photos, but you have all seen that.

It was fun walking the sidewalks looking for names I recognized. I had to get this one. Even though a lot of people think she’s kinda weird, I totally dig Winona Ryder.

This one was for Meridith who would leave me in a heartbeat for Johnny Depp.

These two were so much fun to work with and they also win the grand award for driving ten hours each way for their engagement session!  This is the first time I had done an engagement session in this area of Raleigh, and I was really happy with the variety of locations available.

Back to the beach!

March 16, 2007

We’re out of the studio this weekend and headed to the beach for a couple of portrait sessions.  We were there last weekend and the weather was amazing!  Meridith and Will and I walked the beach for a long time just enjoying the breeze and the weather.  I was getting facinated with the shards of colorful shells along the water line and decided to do a little color study.  I  began picking up the most colorful bits and pieces I could.  For the east coast, these are pretty colorful.

I never look for perfect shells or shells with pretty shapes.  Mostly because the people who wake up earlier than I do get those, and second, because complete shells aren’t that much more interesting.  These little shards have great patterns and textures and some display great color.  We’ll be back This weekend and I have something different in mind that I’ll share next week.

Wow, where do I start? I’ll start by telling you to get your scrolling finger in shape for this post because there is a lot to see!

First of all, this wedding was amazing! The great people at Barclay Villa made it all happen and run smooth like butter. Second, Lyn and his crew from Fresh Affairs designed some of the yummiest floral arrangements we have seen in quite a while.  Third, (and I’ll stop with the counting) Shawn and Brian were fantastic to work with! Their wedding party was a lot of fun too, I haven’t had as much fun with a group of groomsmen ever.

I was particularly fascinated with the Shawn and Brian bobble heads and was moved to make a short documentary film about them. You can see the movie by clicking here.

The cake was really cool too. It was based on a traditional French wedding cake and was made of hundreds of smaller cream filled cakes. It was quite tasty!

I went old school with this one below. I haven’t created a shot like this in over five years.

Here’s Meridith’s shot of me, and below, my shot from that moment.

Another “James in action” photo by Meridith