Flashes of Hope

May 12, 2009

Last week I had the good fortune to work with Kim & Nancy from Flashes of Hope.  We were at the Children’s center at UNC Hospital.  For those who have not seen the previous posts, Flashes of Hope is an organization that uses professional photographers to create uplifting portraits of children with life threatening illnesses and their families free of charge.  All of these children were at the hospital going through treatments and often their appearance has already changed or is about to.  Flashes of hope believes that it’s important to celebrate this appearance change as part of the healing process.

The kids are in various stages of their treatments and for some you would never know they were sick.  Some love the camera, and have a thousand ways to express themselves.  Others are scared, and tired of feeling bad.  To many of them, “getting your picture taken” means going into the lab for more x-rays or scans which is not a happy thing for them.  I have found that if you work it hard enough you can get them to open up a bit.  Sometimes it takes bubbles though.

I think this is one of my favorites from the day.  We worked hard for this smile, and now it lives forever.

This girl had it going on.  She has watched all the High School Musical movies and had the routine down.

These are not intended to be just portraits of the kids.  Family involvement is a big part of the healing process and I want the images to reflect that the people around them care and are there for them.

Caroline’s Bridal

March 11, 2009

Before portrait sessions I often get the question “What happens if it rains?”   If it rains, then we either work around it or work with it.  In this case, Caroline had chosen a really cool abandoned chapel that was on a farm.  We couldn’t get inside, so we worked with it as background.  When I arrived at the location the storm clouds were brewing and made for dramatic scenery.  Of course it rained, but not for very long.

We were high above most everything else for this session.  Traveling back from Asheville took us along the Blue Ridge Parkway where we met up with Kathryn and Luke.  The world below looked like a patchwork quilt.  So much fun!

Katie’s Bridal Session

June 25, 2008

Katie’s Bridal session took us to the home of her long time friend Jordan.  (hey Jordan & Rocky!)  Katie & Jordan spent lots of time as kids riding horses and this was a great way to celebrate those good times.

Below is the image that was on display at the reception.

Jill’s Bridal

May 5, 2008

Jill and Joe were married last week so I can bring out a few from her bridal session.

Christianna was married yesterday so I can now share a few from her portrait a few weeks ago.  We were on the UNC campus for this session., with all of the indoor images taking place at the Carolina Inn.

Flowers by the fabulous Lyn Graves at Fresh Affairs

We did this session back before I posted Bridal sessions. Lauren’s Mom (hi Diana) just ordered a few more and so while I was looking at them I thought you might want to also. This was one of those sessions that started out nice and proper and ended with fun stuff! These are a few of the ones that they just ordered.

Kristen’s wedding was yesterday so I can now show a few from the session.  It was an all indoor session which was a fun change of pace.

Bridal Teasers

March 11, 2008

So how fun is this. Since I can’t show bridal portraits before the wedding the same way I can engagement sessions, I’ll start blogging very abstract images from each session. The kind of image that gives you a little without giving anything away. Then if I can remember (no promises) I’ll try to blog more from the session after the wedding has happened (again no promises).

This is from yesterday’s session. We went executive boardroom style.

Spring Bridal Portraits

March 10, 2008

Spring is here and that means it’s portrait time.  Our schedule is almost completely booked for spring sessions which is exciting.  I have one image from today’s bridal session that I could use for show and tell since it doesn’t show the bride’s face or dress.