We’re Out!

December 19, 2008

We have officially shipped out the last order and are excited to begin our holiday season this weekend! Family, friends, food and lots of sleep are in my near future.

If you received our news letter a few minutes ago then you know that we’ll be back ready to jump into albums on January 6th I really want to get EVERYONE’S album completed this winter (even the three of you who were married in 2005! where are you?) If you did not get the news letter then email me and we’ll be sure you get all the news fit to print in the next round.

Happy Holidays!

Diane & Ben- Charlotte

December 15, 2008

Back in Charlotte.  Diane and Ben are a super fun couple and spent most of their wedding day concentrating on having a great time.  It’s always a good day when people relax and have fun.  It’s kind of funny with wedding parties because the bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t know what to expect from me as a photographer and are usually standing up straight with their coats buttoned up and that pleasant smile you do when you know you’re having your picture taken.  That’s the point when I give them permission to be themselves and we get the more interesting and meaningful images.

Between the end of the ceremony and the reception there was an intense rain storm.  I have never seen it rain this hard outside of a hurricane.  The rain stopped after about an hour and we went outside for more photos later.

The Mint Museum in Charlotte was a great spot for receptions, and there are a lot of things for guests to see and do.

I’ve seen more and more photo booths this year.  The guests love them and they make a great souvenir.

Oh, My Eyes!

December 9, 2008

I bet you won’t see an image like this on other photo blogs. This is an image of my optic nerve. (freaky huh?)

I am happy to report that my eyes are healthy and happy and apparently this image proves that. It’s a photograph of the back of my eye where all of the real work happens for vision. To me it looks like some freaky Sci-Fi creature that would be hooked up to a computer running a space station, but that’s just me.

I figured I have spared everyone ultrasound images and other personal stuff in the past, why not show something that’s both fascinating and a little icky looking at the same time.  See the bright spot on the right?  That’s the actual optic nerve and (according to the doc) it’s supposed to look just like that.  I took her word for it.


It’s Groovy, I Can Dig It

December 7, 2008

Meridith and her siblings decided to do something a bit different for their dad this year for Christmas.  Way back in the day, before any of us were thought of yet, Meridith’s dad was a DJ at a Wilmington radio station.  He has several of the old reel to reel tapes of a few of his and other broadcasts so Meridith thought it would be cool to sneak them out of the house, get them converted to a format that can be used now, and see what was on them.

We received the package last night and listened to the CDs while we made dinner.  The reels had no dates on them so we had no idea what year, but as we listened, we heard the announcer say:  “It’s Wenesday, July 18th 1973, sunny and 80 degrees in Wilmington, here’s Three Dog Night.” (now imagine that with 1970s DJ inflection)  This was a good six months before either Meridith or I had been born so It was a blast to hear the commercials for all of the places that we never knew existed.  The commercials were by far the best.  Lots of commercials for tire places and bars or “recreation lounges” as they were called.





This got me thinking.  I’m pretty sure that 20 years from now there will be some kids doing this same thing for those people whose wedding we are photographing right now and are getting a disk of images.  It’s a simple issue of technology getting better and smaller.  People just don’t use reel to reel players anymore.  In the same way, ten to twenty years from now people will be looking at CDs and DVDs and wondering how we ever got along.  At that point there will be companies that will help convert people’s histories of  music, video and photographs from the old formats to the new.

This is one reason that I am such a big proponent of creating great albums for our clients.  I can open a book that is 300 years old and as long as I understand the language, I can read it just the same as a book that is 50 years old or brand new.  There is no technology shift in opening a book, so even though most people won’t be able to use their wedding disc in 30 years unless they get it converted, their great grandkids will easily be able to crack open their wedding album and check out what they were like way back when.