First of all, let me say that it was COLD! Tiffany was a trooper, and Chris who wore no jacket is still thawing out I’m sure. Tiffany’s brother and I were best friends growing up, so I’ve known her for quite a while. We started our session in downtown Wilmington and ended up at the beach where the wind was really testing our will to be outside. Lucky for us I can freeze the motion of shivering.

Brooke’s on the Cover!

January 26, 2008

Congratulations to Brooke for making the cover of Southern Bride and Groom Magazine!  We shot her wedding last spring and I’m not really sure if she knows about this yet.  As the new issues of magazines are coming out this January it’s so cool to see our photos in print.  Be sure to check out the web site HERE , and get a copy of your very own today.  Or, come by and see us, we have a copy with your name on it.

Hayley & Brent- Durham, NC

January 25, 2008

It was my second white wedding (because of the snow) and also my birthday.  Oh, and Brent and Hayley got married too 😉

It snowed off and on all day, and even though we were inside most of the time there was no shortage of places to go for great images.  Hayley and Brent had been dating for six years before this day.  Everyone was so happy and just having a great time all day long.  We did end up outside at the very end of the evening and created some super cool images under the street lights and stormy skies.

Mother Nature never really could decide between rain, sleet or snow.  Even a little snow made it really special, because not only is it rare here, we very much enjoyed having water falling from the sky in any shape or form!

Back from Tampa

January 23, 2008

OK, so that’s pretty old news by now, but I haven’t really talked about how cool of an experience it was to spend several days with several hundred amazing photographers from all over the world.  The scene was the DWF Convention in Tampa, Florida, and I was scheduled as the very first speaker.  At first that made me nervous, but once I was done I realized that I could totally relax the rest of the time and that was a good feeling.

My seminar topic was location lighting.  Basically mixing natural light and artificial light which is something I have been doing comfortably for many years, but also something that a lot of photographers have trouble with and want to know more about.  I talked for an hour and a half and I think I paused for a breath twice.  Ninety minutes is not a lot of time when you have something you really want to share with people.  And the people!  There were over three hundred of them sitting in front of me.  It was cool to look out into a great big room and see every seat filled.

Every person I spoke with after the talk had great questions and intense interest in taking their photography to the next level through lighting.  I had the opportunity to chat with people from Russia, Australia, the UK, Canada and all over the US.   Unfortunately I don’t have any photos because I have a rule about taking cameras to photo conventions.

While at the convention we hit the huge trade show over at Imaging USA.  We saw our good friend Jessica, and Meridith got a Shootsac!  We saw all sorts of other cool stuff too; some of which will be appearing in our gallery soon.  The time between seminars was quite short, so no huge adventures to report, but there was an Oreo cookie eating contest that made me think twice about ever getting dessert again.  The winner of the contest took in over 12,000 calories in just 30 minutes.  I don’t personally count calories, but damn!

All in all it was a great time.  Catching up with old friends, making new ones and learning more than I could ever apply is all part of the photo convention experience.

Evil Glitter

January 23, 2008

I suspect that only half of those reading this will understand what I’m talking about, but here goes.  There are many ways kids express love for their parents.  Macaroni necklaces, pieces of paper with different colors scrawled all over, bringing various rocks, sticks and leaves to show us that they care.   They make cute crafts at school, with paints, cut paper, beads, feathers, and worst of all, glitter.

Glitter is a special kind of punishment for parents because the kids love it so much .  It sparkles after all, so we are expected to share in the kids’ enthusiasm for it, while at the same time wondering how in the hell we’re going to get it all cleaned up before it’s ground deep into the surface of everything in the house.  All the while more and more of the stuff is flaking off of the page where it is supposed to be glued down.

Last week Will came home from school with a picture of an ice skate that he had covered with green glitter.  Looking into his school bag there appeared to be a lifetime supply of green glitter in the bottom of the bag, covering his gloves, hat and everything else.  Next thing you know glitter is on me too.  On my head, hands, clothes, I look like some disco leprechaun  that bought a be-dazzler off of the home shopping channel.

Bottom line, glitter is evil.  I’m not saying we should ban the stuff, goodness knows what preschools around the country would do if that happened, but perhaps we could laminate the art before it comes home.  Just a thought.

Our Friend Robyn

January 18, 2008

Robyn Mangrum is a magazine publisher. We thought that sounded like a super cool job and wanted to know more. The thing to know about Robyn is that she has a lot of energy and would be voted best dressed anywhere she goes. We’ve known her now for several years and now that the latest issue of Weddings Magazine is out into the world she had a few minutes to answer our slew of questions, some serious, some frivolous.

Q: How would you describe what you do?
A: As a magazine publisher, I would say that my world revolves around photo shoots, graphic design, ad sales and distribution of magazines. But alas, all these wonderful photo shoots and somehow, I never end up in any of them 🙂 The cakes and flowers are much more interesting I suppose!

Q: How many pages is the magazine, and do you get a lot of paper cuts?
A: My magazine is 224 pages of amazing images and helpful editorial…paper cuts? Hmm, none of those yet, but I do get quite a unique ‘high’ off all the ink used on my paper! You should smell my car full of magazine boxes…talk about a head rush!

Q: What’s the most exciting part of your job?
A: My actual favorite part is when the photo shoots morph into our beautiful spreads in the magazine. I love the beautiful images but there is nothing like seeing them laid out in the magazine. The other most exciting part is seeing the final product and holding it in my hands.

Q: If you had to choose between X-Ray vision and flying which one and why?
A: I would say flying…then I could go anywhere in the world whenever I felt like it! X Ray vision may cause me to lose my vision…there are some things best left covered up!!!

Q: What’s something we might not know about magazine publishing?
A: That it is hardly glamorous! I mean, thank God we love James…cause we spend more time sitting around at our fashion shoots talking about silly stuff while waiting for models to change hair and makeup! Seriously, set up and preparation is what goes on…the actual picture lasts a moment! A lot of work goes into the final product that the reader sees.

Q: Do you prefer soup or salad?

A: Oh…I like some Miso soup…so much so I named my Siamese cat after it!!

Q: What trends do you see for 2008 weddings?
A: I see that ladies who got married in the 1980’s and divorced and are remarrying in 2008 can save a lot of money and pull out the old dress and color scheme! Hate to say it, the 80’s are still holding strong…BUT, at least the colors are toned down! And, on a positive note, blue eye shadow will not be making a comeback! I also see the baby got back song making a comeback!

Q: Do you have an all time favorite book?
A: I am more of a music person myself..BUT, since you backed me into a corner on this ‘book’ thing, I would say I really loved The DaVinci Code!!

Q: What’s next in the world of publishing?
A: More and more local magazines copying us perhaps? LOL! No, seriously, I think a lot has gone to the web but I do feel that brides love to still hold a nice magazine to take with them…so, I see the need for beautiful images to keep getting better and better.

Q: Do you think that Michael Jackson will ever make a comeback?
A:  If he can find his nose….he might have a small shot at a comeback….maybe Billie Jean REALLY was his lover and the kid IS his son and MAYBE, Michael Jackson Jr. will come around and be a bigger hit with a bigger nose! hehe!

Fun.  That about sums it up in one word.  Tatham’s energy is infectious and when we all got together for a garden wedding it was all completely perfect.  After the reception they rode off in their get away boat and we continued the photo session on the beach.  I have to applaud these two because it was coooold on the beach, but it was certainly worth it.

Back on the UNC campus for this session.  These two loved creating with me, and the day was a really good one for making great images!  I totally loved Shelley’s outfit; it gave a great feel to the images.

We’ll be right back

January 2, 2008

We’re off to Tampa for a photo convention and will try to blog from the convention, but don’t be sad if it doesn’t happen. I will be giving my lighting seminar on Friday afternoon, so be thinking about us, and we’ll return soon to talk with everyone from 2006 about getting those albums finalized!