What a great day!  Katie and John were married at her home and what a day it was.  Lyn and Cara made sure that everything was perfect, and even the horses behaved for most of the day.

The party that followed the ceremony was epic.  I can say without reserve that it was hands down the most rockin’ reception we have ever witnessed.  The band was very good to begin with, but then John’s uncle Frank took over the microphone, and eventually John’s dad took his place behind the drums and what followed was a killer rendition of “highway to hell” by AC/DC.  Truly a first for us.

This is Oakland.  John’s trusty sidekick.

The horses didn’t like me very much.

They liked Katie though.

Meet Uncle Frank!

He had the whole place jumping!

We were high above most everything else for this session.  Traveling back from Asheville took us along the Blue Ridge Parkway where we met up with Kathryn and Luke.  The world below looked like a patchwork quilt.  So much fun!

Katie’s Bridal Session

June 25, 2008

Katie’s Bridal session took us to the home of her long time friend Jordan.  (hey Jordan & Rocky!)  Katie & Jordan spent lots of time as kids riding horses and this was a great way to celebrate those good times.

Below is the image that was on display at the reception.

So it’s back to our home town for a magical Arlie Garden Wedding. Lauren and Will were so much fun and the atmosphere matched their style perfectly. They were married under a super huge Oak tree dripping with moss. Very southern, very enchanting.

That’s the email I received from Meridith a few days ago.  It has been a while, and there is so much to share.  May and June kinda do that to me and this year is no exception.

So to make up for the lack of entertainment I’ll be blogging everyday for at least the next ten days.  So check back each day for some fresh stuff beginning in a few moments.

Have a happy day!