Another great day at Wrightsville Beach.  It seems like most of our *E* Sessions have been out there this year.  I’m okay with that.  Sometimes the trick can be to make sure that it’s not the same old beach photo shoot every time.  So even though we go to some of the same spots, I always challenge myself to get different results.  As the water gets warmer, I think our couples will be getting wetter.  We’ll see how that goes.

I don’t usually comment on photos, but the one below is my second favorite from the session.  For me the image is more about the light playing on the texture of the reeds than about the couple.  The image that follows this is more about the couple.

The image below is my hands down favorite from this session.  You can’t plan, pose, or direct a shot like this, and it makes no difference how fancy your camera is.  You just have to be there and be in the moment along with the couple.

It’s been a while since we were back in Greensboro.  It’s been over a year since we moved away, and it’s been non stop ever since.  We had a great time with Lauren and Eric.  Meridith and I had the opportunity to hang out with them and their families for quite a while before the wedding and that gave us the chance to get to know everyone a little better.  Lauren had always wanted a garden wedding and she ended up with a beautiful day and perfect conditions.

We then headed downtown for the reception and got the chance to do a little walking around the streets.

First I have to tell you why Ashley is my hero.  I guess we have been lucky so far that in the hundreds of weddings we have shot over the years, I could count on one and a half hands the times it has rained during the ceremony part of the day.  I for one do not mind rain, it changes the textures and scenery of the day and provides some interesting challenges.  I do however know that I am very alone in that opinion.

Ashley had an outdoor ceremony planned at Duke Gardens.  She was excited about it, and when the forecast was for rain, she went out and bought colorful  umbrellas which were passed out with each program.  She was not phased at all by mother nature and for this she is my hero.  She could have gone to “plan B” and had the ceremony inside, she could have been bummed out by the overhead water works, but she was more determined to have a happy and beautiful garden wedding and she did indeed.

The rain actually stopped half way through the ceremony, and the rest of the day was perfect for creating great photos.  I’d have to say that this was one of the most fun weddings of the year to photograph.  Ashley, Pat and their friends were a blast.  I also have to give a shout out to our friends at Fresh Affairs for another outstanding floral design.

One Slack Blogger

May 23, 2007

Yep that’s me.  For all of you who have been asking “where’s James?”  I’m here, and plan to catch up on blogging very soon.  It has been a pretty full spring which is good.  We visited five different states last week and are now home to catch up on things.  So stay tuned for more posts soon and enjoy!

Katherine and Meridith were out at Fearrington for this amazing spring day. I was at another wedding and let the ladies do their thing. They brought back some mighty fine work, and I would like to give them their props here on the blog. Great Job!

Back to Wrightsville Beach for another great *E* Session.  Angela and Kevin drove in from out of town for the beach experience.  It was a good cloud day, so I rocked the sky in a few.  I have several favorites from this session!

What fun we had that day. We originally met at Duke Gardens, but quickly headed to a less garden-like spot. These two were up for anything and we ended up doing a very quick moving picture show that you can see below.

Click on this image belowto see the motion picture show

A perfect April day for a wedding. These two were great sports, humoring me for “just one more infra red shot”.  I really don’t think they could have been more in love.   Brent is an awesome web designer, and Hannah is a graphic designer. I will be working with Brent to pimp our blog and give our web site a face lift, so stay tuned.

I was digging the flower in Hannah’s hair.  If you’re thinking of going unveiled, a big bold statement piece for the hair is a good idea, and for me, flowers are better than bling, but who am I to talk about hair??

We met this great couple last year when we photographed Kasey and Andrew’s wedding.   Even as a bridesmaid in that wedding she had so much fun and gave us the best expressions.  So now that a year has passed, Whitney is the bride, Kasey is the bridesmaid, and Kasey and Andrew are expecting a baby in the fall!  How time flies!

Me in the street again.

I unleashed the infra red for a few frames.

Who says you need fancy lights for a nice portrait?

Left to right: James, Chris, Whitney, Kasey, Andrew, Meridith

Well how about that!

May 4, 2007

We found out a few days ago that we would be a part of the Knot’s Best of Weddings 2007 issue.  Basically the knot did a huge nation wide reader survey last year and had participants give feedback on all of their wedding vendors.  The vendors in all categories with the highest ratings were included in this issue, and organized by state.

The thing is, we have no idea who nominated us and gave such wonderful quotes about us.

Here’s what the little blurb says:

 According to North Carolina brides James and Meridith are an amazing team- “they do an unbelievable job and are worth every penny.”  “The day flowed beautifully without interruption from them, and our photos captured the love, laughter, and wonder of our day.”  “They have a fantastic eye.”

With so many quotes it appears we have several of our past clients to thank for the kind words.  So, thank you anonymous nice people!

If you want to check out the magazine, it is currently on major news stands nation wide.