Hannah & Brent- Wilmington, NC

May 7, 2007

A perfect April day for a wedding. These two were great sports, humoring me for “just one more infra red shot”.  I really don’t think they could have been more in love.   Brent is an awesome web designer, and Hannah is a graphic designer. I will be working with Brent to pimp our blog and give our web site a face lift, so stay tuned.

I was digging the flower in Hannah’s hair.  If you’re thinking of going unveiled, a big bold statement piece for the hair is a good idea, and for me, flowers are better than bling, but who am I to talk about hair??

2 Responses to “Hannah & Brent- Wilmington, NC”

  1. Alette said

    Wow I just love the infra red photos. Are you using a special kind of lens for that?


  2. getthelook said

    Thanks Alette!

    The lens is the same I use for color work, but the camera is a modified D100 that will only shoot infra red now.

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