Can I get an Amen!?!  This is what it’s all about!  Great day, great place, awesome people, and us with our cameras.  The location was Childress Vinyards, and Kristin, Brian and their families had a blast.  I’ll skip the blog chatter (does anyone read that anyway?) and get right to the images.

Talk about fun, Shelley really loves photographs and Jonathan is up for anything.  We had such a great time photographing their wedding.  The reception was at Ballantyne Resort which never fails to have amazing scenery, and two of our past wedding couples were there too!  It was like a reunion. (photos of that later)

I love it when people bring out their phones for pictures.  Though the quality is not amazing, it makes sense because you always have your phone with you, you can always have those photos with you too.

Shelby & Joe- Hilton Head, SC

February 11, 2009

Back in the low country with its big mossy Oak trees and amazing scenery.  We had the great fortune to be working with Lisa Manning of Southern Weddings With Style for Shelby and Joe’s wedding.  The location was Honey Horn Plantation which provided an amazing backdrop for the day’s events.  I look forward to being back to this part of the world for another wedding very soon.

Nancy & Will

January 27, 2009

What can I say but that Nancy, Will and their families are warm, wonderful people!  The thing I remember most about the day was Nancy’s calm, and her bright smile.  It was a beautiful day at Fearrington Village, and even though the threat of rain put us under a tent for the garden ceremony, it was an absolutely beautiful and meaningful ceremony for this great couple.

Not sure why I love this shot by Meridith, but I so do!

Nancy and Will had their favorite drinks out for guests to enjoy.  Will’s favorite was the Mountain Dew which I LOVE!

Diane & Ben- Charlotte

December 15, 2008

Back in Charlotte.  Diane and Ben are a super fun couple and spent most of their wedding day concentrating on having a great time.  It’s always a good day when people relax and have fun.  It’s kind of funny with wedding parties because the bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t know what to expect from me as a photographer and are usually standing up straight with their coats buttoned up and that pleasant smile you do when you know you’re having your picture taken.  That’s the point when I give them permission to be themselves and we get the more interesting and meaningful images.

Between the end of the ceremony and the reception there was an intense rain storm.  I have never seen it rain this hard outside of a hurricane.  The rain stopped after about an hour and we went outside for more photos later.

The Mint Museum in Charlotte was a great spot for receptions, and there are a lot of things for guests to see and do.

I’ve seen more and more photo booths this year.  The guests love them and they make a great souvenir.

Nikki & Keith- New Bern, NC

November 7, 2008

I’m back to posting photos.  It was a busy, busy summer and we are still catching up but wanted to share some of the coolness from Nikki & Keith’s wedding.

It was great to find this collection of books by Nicholas Sparks in the Bed & Breakfast where the ladies got ready.  I’ve never read one of his books, but I knew that he was from the area, so it made for an interesting subject.

I’ve never had a team to root for.  I guess most photo schools don’t have sports teams so I missed out on that, but it’s always fun to see people get really fired up about their school’s team.  Taylor & Andrew met at Duke and were also married there in the chapel.  There were lots of blue Duke themed things to see, from the men’s ties, to the garter.

Here in this part of North Carolina we have some of the biggest college teams and rivalries in the country (I’m talking basketball here).  It is quite common to hear the college fight songs during the reception, and in one case two weeks ago someone brought their own trumpet to add to the flavor of the celebration.  The one thing that baffles me though are the people who are die hard fans of a particular school or team who never went to that school, don’t live near the school, and basically have no affiliation.  That’s weird, but I see it a lot around here.

Enough of my rambling, on with the photos!

It was a pretty breezy day.  This series made me laugh when I saw it because it was at a point when we were attempting to create some cool romance imagery. The wind had other things in mind, so no one could keep a straight face.

Shannon & Allen- Highgrove

August 25, 2008

This is going to sound a little strange, but there are wedding days that we really hate to see come and go. All of the months of excitement, the anticipation, the planning and working with the couple, their wedding planner and all of the other key people who will make the day happen. Then the day arrives and by the end of the night you’re thinking “can we do this again next week?”.

That’s what happened with Shannon and Allen. From their engagement session to Shannon’s bridal and through the wedding day it was non stop fun. We worked with a dream team including Cara at A Southern Soiree, Lyn at Fresh Affairs and Randy with Bunn DJ Company. This was our first time at Highgrove Estate which is a great location with friendly and helpful staff. We were kinda bummed to see everyone go their separate ways at the end of the evening, but now we have all of these great photos!

Shannon had a display of photos from their *E* Session for their guests to enjoy. That was cool to walk into the room and see all of those images again.

Here’s a shout out to Kristen and Melissa at the Green Kangaroo.

The kids were fun and not afraid of the camera at all.

Emily & Chris- Elon, NC

August 11, 2008

Emily and Chris’ wedding was a very special occasion indeed and it was also a bit of a reunion. Four years and two weeks earlier we photographed Emily’s Sister Natalie’s wedding at this same location. The weddings were very different from each other, but the families were just as warm and fun as we remembered.

It was a perfect day in the countryside. We love some puffy clouds!

The flowers were embellished with Peacock feathers from Emily’s Uncle’s farm.

What a great day!  Katie and John were married at her home and what a day it was.  Lyn and Cara made sure that everything was perfect, and even the horses behaved for most of the day.

The party that followed the ceremony was epic.  I can say without reserve that it was hands down the most rockin’ reception we have ever witnessed.  The band was very good to begin with, but then John’s uncle Frank took over the microphone, and eventually John’s dad took his place behind the drums and what followed was a killer rendition of “highway to hell” by AC/DC.  Truly a first for us.

This is Oakland.  John’s trusty sidekick.

The horses didn’t like me very much.

They liked Katie though.

Meet Uncle Frank!

He had the whole place jumping!