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Thanks for checking out our blog. We enjoy sharing all of the latest greatest photo shoots with our clients and others who are interested in what we are up to. This is the place to check in and see our work fresh every week. If you would like to get in touch with us, check out our official web site at

Thanks and enjoy!

James & Meridtih

Tell Me More!

Okay, Here are some interesting and until now little known facts about James and Meridith. Hopefully this will help any newly married or about to be married couples feel less weird about the hangups in their relationships.

-Meridith doesn’t cook (at all, ever)

-James is not allowed to load the dishwasher or use the washing machine

-Meridith is addicted to satellite radio

-James is very messy

-Meridith is very organized

-James’ favorite soft drink is sweet tea, with Mountain Dew a close second

-Meridith is very patient

-James is not

-Neither of us understand why Sudoku would be considered fun

-We are most relaxed in Charleston, SC

-James is a Capricorn

-Meridith is a Pices

-We are both Tigers on the Chinese calendar

This is fun.  We’ll add more soon.

8 Responses to “About James & Meridith”

  1. Tracy said

    Hi there!
    Laura Gibson purchased her wedding gown from me in Charlotte. She sent me to the site. I enjoyed it very much. Your work is just amazing (highly over used word… sorry)
    Congratulations on the photo spread! Nicely done.

  2. James & Meridith,

    I did not think it possible for your photography to get any better, but it truly has. You guys are simply amazing and do awesome work. I love looking through your eyes. Keep up the great work.

    From all of us over at Brand Aid

    Jeremy Mansfield
    Eric Tessau
    Josh Erickson

  3. Thank you for the most fabulous wedding story memory you are creating for our daughter and son-in-law Shawn and Brian. We’ve only seen the blog, but if the album is anything like the blog, we can’t wait to see it and place our order. What beautiful art you create. It is breathtaking, creative and utterly awesome work. Thank you Karen and Frank Norton

  4. getthelook said

    Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words. Meridith and I love knowing that our work delights and inspires. We’ll keep it up, so be sure to come back to the blog often.

  5. Ginny Ezell said

    Hi James and Meridith. I was just checking out your website (left a message in the wrong spot). But, I was just saying how much of a pleasure and delight your photography is. You really do complement each other beautifully.

  6. James & Meridith,

    i just fall in love to see that kinds of blog.

    thanks thanks and many many thanks

    please keep it up.

  7. george roerig said

    James, I found your web site accidently while looking up information on James Meredith the gentelman that tryed to enroll at ole miss in 1961 – a black man in an all white school at that time. Anyway I am a amature photographer and I was looking at your site and yes I do recognize the film under your Feb 18th entry- which dates me I am sure. What kind of camera did you use for the superb photos in the Feb 6th entry?

  8. Rebecca Snyder said

    James and Meredith,

    The first pictures from our wedding went up on your blog today and they are AMAZING. You have knocked it out of the park! We cannot wait to see more. Thank you for capturing the Biltmore and all of its splendor through our eyes. Your pictures make us want to experience the day all over again…it was a blast!


    Rebecca & Kraig

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