The Pumkins are back?!?

June 26, 2007

Here’s something I didn’t expect.  While we were in Asheville this weekend we found out that The Smashing Pumpkins were making a comeback and kicking off their tour at the Orange Peel in Asheville.  They are playing nine shows there, though all of the tickets have been sold.  I was bummed to hear that not all of the original members were part of the new tour, but I’ll look forward to what they sound like seven years after their last album.

So what did we do this weekend that made it the best weekend ever?  Nothing.  That’s right, we did absolutely nothing.  We just hung around our little bed & breakfast and got fat on cookies.  The last twelve anniversaries we took trips to see things, visit places and have experiences.  Enough of that already!  We needed to just veg for a few days.

This was pretty much how my part of the weekend was spent.

When my eyes were open, this was my view.  The weather was cool with a breeze, and could not possibly have been nicer.

This is how Meridith’s weekend was spent.  This inn is famous for their bottomless cookie jar.  We never found the bottom, but not because we didn’t try.

The only effort we made was to play a few rounds of Chinese checkers.

Lucky 13

June 23, 2007

It’s hard to believe that this Monday, Meridith and I will be celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary. That kinda went by fast! I thought I would dig up a few photos from way back to entertain you. I couldn’t get to the wedding pictures though, cause they’re locked in a safe somewhere. (literally)

So if you call on Monday and get a recording, just know that we are resting in a hammock in the cool Asheville breeze, eating homemade cookies at our favorite bed and breakfast.

This little gem is from our 8th grade prom. We couldn’t even drive to the thing, but we rocked out to a lot of the same 80s tunes that we now hear every week at wedding receptions. The only difference is that those songs were new then. Ahh the 80s!

This is us a couple of years later (circa 1990) at a photo shoot for Meridith’s model comp card (which hopefully explains the hat).

Fast forward a dozen or so years and this is us now. Distorted, but together still. That about sums it up!

The last time I saw Emily and Brad was a rainy day in Wrightsville Beach for their *E* session. Their wedding day was very bright and sunny, and we had the opportunity to work with Terri Lambert of Events by Design. It was all good as she gave us so much eye candy to work with at the reception.

Signature mats are in this summer.

While Meridith and I were at Jill and Scott’s wedding (the entry below), Katherine and Nathan were at Krystal and Ryan’s wedding. I had the opportunity to enjoy shooting their engagement session last fall so I knew they would be fun on the wedding day. I just finished the edit late last week and wanted to post a few of my favorites.

Krystal and Ryan got one of our signature mats. Looks good with the well wishes.

It’s always a good time when we’re at Duke Chapel. Jill & Scott had one of those magical wedding days where everything seemed to flow along from one thing to the next. I guess you’d call it seamless. Fresh Affairs did their usual amazing job on the florals, and when Meridith and I walked into the room at the reception our jaws dropped. Lyn and his crew had totally out done themselves. It had to be the most florificated (I’m sure that’s not a real word?) event we have seen to date.

The reception was at the Umstead Hotel & Spa which is super nice and the party was rockin’ to the end. Green was the color of the day. From the bridesmaid’s dresses and the cover of their signature album to the signature appletinis.

We love heading down south for weddings. Especially those places where you have beaches, huge Oak trees dripping with moss, and palm trees all within walking distance of each other. Talk about variety! Allison saw wedding we did that was published in Weddings Unveiled Magazine last year from Daufuskie Island and knew right then that she wanted us to photograph hers too.

The ceremony was right on the beach and conditions were perfect all day. I cannot get enough of the infra red camera lately. It’s been so sunny and great for the past few weddings that it just looks too cool to pass up.

Most everyone is from Ohio, so we got to learn a few new songs and dance moves throughout the reception. Just so you know, this is the O-H-I-O move, not a messed up Y-M-C-A.

My Favorite New Thing

June 10, 2007

I love great design. When Meridith and I went looking for some little things to liven up the gallery space I saw this vase and just had to have it. It’s so simple, just a strip of metal between two sheets of glass, but it’s so visually interesting. Meridith is sick of hearing about how much I like it, so I thought I would take my enthusiasm here to the blog.

I recently did a commercial job for a company called Eco Eternity.  It is a concept that has been around for quite a while in Europe and Korea and is just emerging in the US.  It is basically an alternative to the traditional burial plot in a cemetery.  The company leases parts of mature and pristine forests and you can designate a tree for your family.  When the time comes, your ashes will be interred in a biodegradable container near the base of your tree, and a marker placed on the tree. The trees are not only marked, but GPS locatable for future family visits.

They don’t just use any trees either, trees have to meet certain requirements to be offered based on size and species, and each forrest location has a professional forester to help with the process.  Each forest is designed to be more of a nature hike than a resting place, so that family can return for many years to enjoy the nature and reflect on loved ones.

This concept serves several purposes.  First it offers a middle ground between traditional burial and traditional cremation.  Second, it gives family members a place to return should they choose, third, it preserves mature forests from development or logging.  There are currently two forests in the US.  One in NC and one in VA with more expected next year.

The goal is to keep the space as natural as it was found, therefore floral arrangements are not allowed.  It is encouraged to plant wildflower seeds that are native to each area.

Emily- 3 months

June 4, 2007

I’m finding out that one of the cool things about little babies is that they can’t really go anywhere, and they’re really curious.  Which in a photo session means that they’re always looking at the camera with an expression like “What is that, and why are they pointing it at me?”  We photographed Emily’s mom’s wedding just a few short years ago, and now here they are with a family!