Back it Up!

October 29, 2008

Seriously, I write about this every year, and I write from experience.  Last night I was working late (again) and suddenly from my computer I hear a “click, click, click” sound.  That’s never good.  Next thing I know I get a big bad shut down message, I restart and when the computer is back up one of my five hard drives is not there.

It died.

That hard drive just happened to be the one that contains everyone’s wedding photos.

Oh no!

So after cursing a bit and taking account of how many hours this will set me back I casually took my back up drive from the other computer, take a new hard drive off the shelf and after six hours of copying data we’re back where we were.

All of our stuff is backed up a ridiculous number of times in different locations.  That’s one reason why I roll my eyes when people make the comment that digital must be a lot less expensive than having to buy all that film. (goobers)


If you’re like most people you have photos and music and other important stuff on your computer.  Don’t be like my brother-in-law who heard the clicking noise in his laptop and had nothing backed up.  He lost college papers, music he had purchased and his patience.  If you have a mac I would highly recommend getting something called a Time Capsule (google it).  It’s a wireless hard drive that can back up your entire computer and it’s quite effortless.  If you’re on a PC, then go see the Geek Squad or someone else who can hook you up with the best solution.

Just be sure to do it soon before you hear a click, clikck of your own!

Update to 1920s Post

October 23, 2008

So I was hesitant to post the image of the beer mentioned two posts down because I have not caught up with the students to get their sign off.  They are all on internship right now so I won’t see them until January

I am posting their image here and links to their blogs so that you can check out the work they are doing in their other classes.  All students are required to keep a blog and post assignments.  (they are graded  on it)

Here is the before image that was pulled from the magazine (and how our saga began)

This is what the students produced.  A good effort despite a few little issues like camera angle and some lighting issues.

These four students are the ones responsible for the above image.  Check out their blogs and the other students too.  there’s some good stuff to see.

Ivan Gonzales

Amanda Clay

Christian Greenhill

Adam Sikora

Vote Early!

October 23, 2008

Why wait for November when you can vote now?  I went down to the nearby mall, walked in and five minutes later had my “I voted” sticker and was on my way!  It was so quick and easy and there were no lines.  If you have the opportunity to vote early in your area I would highly recommend it.

Whomever you decide to vote for, it would be a good idea to make up your mind before you walk in the booth.  Meridith said she overheard one couple beside her arguing.  One of them saying “you’re really going to vote for him? go ahead if you want to, but I’m not”  I was thinking wow, don’t these people talk with each other at the dinner table?

The part of the south where we live is what I would consider very regionally mixed.  I know just as many people who relocated here from other parts of the country or world as the ones who have always called this state home, so it’s hard to predict what will happen here.  It’s funny to see the cars around town and in the parking lot at my kid’s school.  The big SUVs with McCain stickers and the Prius hybrids with Obama stickers.  Mini vans it seems can go either way.  That may sound like stereotyping, but it’s right there in front of me.  As for me, I think bumper stickers are tacky (no offense) and I don’t drive a SUV, a mini van or a hybrid.

I’m about the least political person I know.  I’ve always been registered independent and have voted for the third party more than once.  Since Ross Perot didn’t make it in the 90s I’ve decided to go more main stream, but you have to admire that Ralph Nader for not knowing the meaning of the word quit.

Seriously, go vote.  I don’t care who you vote for, I just want it to be a huge turn out so that whomever is finally elected knows that the people are watching and interested in what happens next, and that he better not *F* things up any more than they are right now.

A little 90s nostalgia from elections past.

Welcome to the 1920s

October 13, 2008

Last week was just funny and depressing on so many levels.  Since everyone has depressing issues of their own, I’ll only mention the funny ones,

I was teaching the last of my eight lighting workshops with the students at RCC.  They are getting ready to go on internship and I wanted to give them a challenge.  I had them tear a full page product ad of their choice from a magazine and reproduce it exactly.  Students always seem to think that this will be an easy task (even if they choose an easy subject) but when it comes down to getting it done they realize what a challenge it can be.

One student decided to replicate a beer ad.  It was a simple image of a glass bottle of beer with a pomegranate. I knew that because we were at a school that we would need to get the proper permission to bring the beer on campus and into the studio.  I told the student that it was their responsibility to do that, or he could substitute with a bottle of creme soda.  A little background: until a few months ago, Asheboro was a dry town, you couldn’t even buy beer or order it at a restaurant.  So what I thought would be a simple request turned into something much more elaborate and comical.

So the student tells me, “I just need to get premission from the school police officer and we’re good to go.”  The next thing I hear is that the student went out and bought a 6 bottle pack of the beer along with props and came back to school to locate the officer.  He found the officer, explained what they needed to do and that it was for an assignment, the officer confiscated the bags, told the student to have the instructor (that’s me) call him.

So I walk outside to see what’s going on.  About 20 feet to the left are the students talking about how bogus this whole ordeal is. Thirty or so feet to my right is the officer with three other “official” looking people talking among themselves and pointing at the bags and in our direction.  Then they begin walking our direction.  It was one of those slow motion kind of walks, heavy with authority, like in the movies when something’s about to “go down”.  At that point I was wishing he had bought that creme soda.

So they inform me that to do what we wanted to do required a form to be filled out. (easy enough) Problem was it was supposed to be filled out a week in advance and at this point the student could be charged with “possession of a controlled substance on campus”! (oops) They let the time period slide, and got us the form which had to be signed by the student to officially request the beer to be brought on campus, I had to sign it saying it was for a legitimate assignment, then the head of the department had to sign it (glad he was in his office that day).

Then they tell us that they will escort the bags into the studio with us, and once it goes in it cannot come out.  One of the requirements was that we call the officer by 4:00 to have him witness the student pour all 6 bottles down the drain. (we only needed the one for the shot)  After all of that craziness had passed, the shot was set up and the students proceeded to work on creating that image for the next four hours.

At 4:00 we put in the call for the officer to come by the kitchen in the studio so that he could varify that the bottles were never opened and could witness all that golden frothy grossness (I’m not a fan of way beer tastes) right down the drain.  I came to the realization that this must be a weird glimpse into what it may have been like 80 years ago.  I had been checking the stock market on my phone all day and watching it go down, down, the drain; and now I was watching “the man” making people pour good useable booze down the drain like they did during prohibition.

Weird how history repeats itself, if only for one afternoon.

I’ve never had a team to root for.  I guess most photo schools don’t have sports teams so I missed out on that, but it’s always fun to see people get really fired up about their school’s team.  Taylor & Andrew met at Duke and were also married there in the chapel.  There were lots of blue Duke themed things to see, from the men’s ties, to the garter.

Here in this part of North Carolina we have some of the biggest college teams and rivalries in the country (I’m talking basketball here).  It is quite common to hear the college fight songs during the reception, and in one case two weeks ago someone brought their own trumpet to add to the flavor of the celebration.  The one thing that baffles me though are the people who are die hard fans of a particular school or team who never went to that school, don’t live near the school, and basically have no affiliation.  That’s weird, but I see it a lot around here.

Enough of my rambling, on with the photos!

It was a pretty breezy day.  This series made me laugh when I saw it because it was at a point when we were attempting to create some cool romance imagery. The wind had other things in mind, so no one could keep a straight face.

You might have thought that I’d never blog again, but here I am.  Marla and Chris were married this past weekend which means that if I stay on my current blogging schedule you’ll see those images sometime in February. 😉

Marla & Chris were very easy to photograph.  They’re just easy going and in love which makes the session go so smoothly.