This was our first close to home wedding in a while. It was kind of cool to drive ten minutes to our destination.  The Ceremony was in downtown Raleigh, and reception at North Ridge.  So far, Spring has behaved well for us weather wise, and we have been able to take advantage of outdoor opportunities. Michelle & Ben had a great time the whole day. The part that I thought was great was the tiara she wore.  This tiara was once worn by her Grandmother back in 1956 when she won the title of Ms. Delaware.

Great floral design by Kelly Odom Flowers in Raleigh

More from Eclipse Sound

April 27, 2007

I have been swamped with shoots every day lately, so I’ve been a bit slack posting to the blog.  A week ago we did another shoot for Eclipse sound and a few of their DJs.  Here are a few favs.

Our good friend Kate Foster has asked us to spread the word about this upcoming event. Tell a friend and support a worthwhile cause. All of the info is in the poster below.

So the magazines are printed and distributed, and I can finally blog about the mommy-to-be fashion shoot we did several weeks ago for Premier Baby & Child Magazine.

The photo shoot took place at the fabulous Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte, and it was a full day of relaxing spa treatments, caviar, and deep tissue massage.  Well, I guess maybe for some of the guests there it was like that, but not for our crew, we were working.  We had a good time though, and I’ll be posting a few of my favorites soon.  For now though, check out the layout as it appears in the magazine.

Perfect would be a good way to describe this wedding day. Dogwood trees, Azaleas in bloom, beautiful color was everywhere. Pinehurst is always a fun time in the spring. The ceremony was at the Village Chapel, and reception at the Country Club of North Carolina.  We also had the good fortune to work with Margaret of Maggie’s Farm who did an outstanding job with the wedding coordination and the flowers.  Thanks to her, everything was beautiful, seamless and ran like clockwork.

Meridith and I arrived the night before for the rehearsal and had a blast hanging out with Brooke, Borden and their friends and family. Everyone we met was so nice and welcoming. We were so excited to see all of the work from this wedding that we already have the album designed for them to see when they return from the honeymoon

The signature martini

Meridith trying to get famous

Brooke’s Bridal

April 14, 2007

It’s kind of rare that I post bridals because of the “no one can see it before the wedding” thing. I usually shoot way before the wedding and then by the time the wedding has happened I totally forget to put them on the blog.

By the time this is posted, Brooke will be walking down the aisle in Pinehurst and We’ll be shooting every second of it. This session happened in Airlie Gardens in Wilmington and I’ve never seen so many flowers in my life.

The session weighed in on the more traditional side which is what Brooke asked for with the garden setting, though I did do a few super cool looking infra red images (those are the black and white ones) I love how creepy the infra red makes the big oak trees look.

Old Photos

April 12, 2007

Meridith has been spending some time getting her Grandfather’s house in order and has found hundreds of great old photos.  Her Grandparents lived in the house for over fifty years and as you can imagine, there are fifty years of memories there.

In the many photos she has found, most are black and white and in fairly good condition.  Some are faded, and some are damaged from being placed behind glass at one time.  Meridith can identify most of the people in the photos, but it’s really cool to see them in different surroundings to see how the neighborhood has changed, and just what things looked like long ago.

It makes me think of all of the digital images we all have of our families and special occasions that are neatly tucked away on computer hard drives and CDs that our children and grandchildren will never get to see because they never were made into prints.  In fifty years people will look at a CD and wonder how we ever managed to get by with such primitive technology.

It’s always a great adventure when we go downtown for an engagement session.  The great part is, it doesn’t really matter what city we’re in, the downtowns are always great places to photograph (provided they’re somewhat safe, which we were).  Ashley and Pat were a lot of fun, and I think they had a lot of fun too!  We walked about 9 square blocks from a train station, to a park to a tire place and then an old fire station.

The Best Weekend Ever!

April 2, 2007

What an insane great weekend!  Meridith, Will and I were in Wilmington for several portrait sessions and it was amazing.  The weather, the flowers, the energy.  Everything was good.  We began Friday afternoon with a beach session with the Benton girls.  A lively trio who gave us great energy for some great portraits.  Then on Saturday we bought Will his first real bike which he has onlt fallen off of three times so far.  Then a surreal bridal session in Airlie Gardens (which unfortunately I can’t show you until after she’s married).  There were tens of thousands of Tulips in full bloom, and the light was perfect.
The rest of the weekend was spent with our families, cooking, eating, playing at the parks.  It was fun, but I was ready to be back in the office today to get these sessions edited.