It’s Electric!

November 26, 2008


Right now I am in Georgia for Thanksgiving and they have a ZAP store in town.  ZAP is a brand of electric vehicles and stands for Zero Air Pollution.  I have been checking them out online for a while, but never seen the cars in person until today.  These are quick snaps from my iphone.


I guess the best description is that they are cute.  Oh, and small.  These are the kinds of cars that you would likely see Godzilla chewing up in a low budget sci-fi flick.  They are all electric cars and you can get around 30 miles out of them before you have to plug back in.  If you’re like me and drive about 12 miles each way to the office everyday then this would be perfect.

I’m excited about these cars though I won’t be buying one soon.  In the next year this and other companies will be introducing cars with newer battery technology that will go much faster and much farther per charge.  I need something in the range of 150 miles per charge which only two companies are producing right now.  Not only that, but let’s be honest, I would not mind something a little cooler looking.

The Mini Cooper EV is cool and will go 150 miles but it’s only available in California and costs 50K!  The Tesla is damn cool and will go up to 240 miles on a charge if you have an extra 100K or so to spend.

These ZAP cars on the other hand are a little more than 12K but the performance, speed, and range are in line with it’s pricing.  Check out their web site HERE.

My next car will be 100% electric so I’m excited that things are moving along with regards to battery research and the other technologies to get this happening.  I don’t usually geek out about much, but get me talking about cutting gasoline out of my life and I get pretty chatty.


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