So it’s back to our home town for a magical Arlie Garden Wedding. Lauren and Will were so much fun and the atmosphere matched their style perfectly. They were married under a super huge Oak tree dripping with moss. Very southern, very enchanting.

This wedding took us to the largest home in the country, Biltmore.  Rebecca and Kraig both love architecture and history and wanted to share this magnificent place with their friends and family.  Although the morning rain was enough to make everyone nervous, by ceremony time it was perfect and they had their ceremony in the gardens right in front of the conservatory.  Above all, these two were fun.   They were there to have a blast and they accomplished that.

There are few places as magical as Biltmore.  It is a bit of sensory overload because there is so much to see and always such little time, but well worth the visit every time we are there.  I wish that I could show a ton of images of the house and grounds, but Biltmore has a contract that we have to sign saying that we won’t.  Oh well, it’s their house.

No shortage of shutterbugs.  Rebecca’s dad was always at the ready with his iphone.

This image below is forever known as the “Josie” shot and this is only the second time in three years Meridith has created an image like this.  Josie if you are reading this, then now you know you have a shot named after you!

After an entire morning of rain the sun came out for about a half an hour after the ceremony.  Lucky us!

The reception was held inside the conservatory.  What an amazing place!  Everywhere you looked was just lush and beautiful.

This wedding was a rare opportunity for me. I had the chance to be the “second photographer” assisting our associate photographer Katherine. This meant that I had complete creative freedom and was not responsible for the schedule or any particular photos being taken. That was all on Katherine’s shoulders!

I had a blast, but have to admit that it was a challenge to switch gears and hang out in the background more than usual. I can’t say that I always did the best job of staying hands off like Meridith does, but I tried. Either way, Jill and Joe’s wedding rocked and so do their images

We also got to work with some really good people like Mel from Dogwood Tree Floral Designs and Cara from A Southern Soiree who (rumor has it) will be moving into an office space very close to us soon (oh the excitement!)

I took the opportunity to shoot a bit of film at a wedding for the first time in about eight years. Just 12 frames though.

Beth & Scott- Angier, NC

April 20, 2008

A truly remarkable day.  Beth had her heart set on a beautiful garden wedding and by about 2:30 it was pouring rain.  It rained until half an hour before the ceremony and then all at once it was perfect.  No rain, no humidity, no worries, and one happy Beth!

I have to give an extra special shout out to  Cathy Honeycutt at Barclay Villa.  She and her staff did an amazing job rearranging the ballroom to accommodate the guests for the rain plan and unlike many wedding directors I’ve worked with who will call the wedding inside at the first raindrop, Cathy went with the flow and helped make the day perfect.

I Laughed Out Loud!

March 19, 2008

Fine, call me a snob, but when I saw this pack of cameras in the grocery store I just couldn’t help but laugh. I see these things at weddings, and never really thought about it, but these are marketed specifically for weddings. Like a person would really trust their memories to a $4.00 disposable camera. I have to admit though, the graphics on the camera are pretty convincing. They just put me in a wedding kind of mood and I feel that with this camera in my hands, nothing can come between me and photographic Nirvana. (uh, yea, sure)


On the positive side they are much more responsive than any digital point and shoot camera I have ever used. With these, if you press the button it takes a picture. There’s no waiting, no burst of three flashes to wait for, it just happens. That doesn’t mean the photos will be any good, just easier to take.





In an attempt to get my $8 (plus processing) worth out of these I will be taking this little gem to the next few photo sessions to see just how far we can push this little box. Here’s a grab I made from Friday’s session.





Hayley & Brent- Durham, NC

January 25, 2008

It was my second white wedding (because of the snow) and also my birthday.  Oh, and Brent and Hayley got married too 😉

It snowed off and on all day, and even though we were inside most of the time there was no shortage of places to go for great images.  Hayley and Brent had been dating for six years before this day.  Everyone was so happy and just having a great time all day long.  We did end up outside at the very end of the evening and created some super cool images under the street lights and stormy skies.

Mother Nature never really could decide between rain, sleet or snow.  Even a little snow made it really special, because not only is it rare here, we very much enjoyed having water falling from the sky in any shape or form!

Fun.  That about sums it up in one word.  Tatham’s energy is infectious and when we all got together for a garden wedding it was all completely perfect.  After the reception they rode off in their get away boat and we continued the photo session on the beach.  I have to applaud these two because it was coooold on the beach, but it was certainly worth it.

Imagine our surprise when right in the middle of the worst drought in 30 years it finally rains on a wedding day. Meridith and I were excited to be back at Grayln again for a wedding, but bummed that it could not be in the garden as planned.

Jennifer and Lee are both photographers and were great to photograph! This was not your typical white dress and tux affair. Many of the guests dressed in period clothing and partied like it’s 1499.

The cake was so detailed

Jennifer had her dress made from fabric she selected. It was so cool.

They literally “tied the knot”

I’m finding that people are expecting a whole lot from their cell phones lately.

I just love curvy English cars!

Judy & John- Raleigh, NC

December 21, 2007

Judy and John both fascinate me because they are very musically inclined.  I always wanted to have musical talent, but found a home in the visual arts instead.  What a great couple!  Judy is a ray of sunshine and you rarely catch a moment when she is not smiling or joking with her friends.  The best parts of the day for us were the times when we had the two of them alone.  It made for many great images.

Molli & JJ- Raleigh, NC

December 18, 2007

You know those people who are having a good time wherever they go? That’s Molli. She’s one of the happiest people we have met and it’s a contagious thing too, because everyone around her is full of fun and laughter. Downtown Raleigh is a cool setting for a wedding. The streets, the Capitol grounds, the kinda gritty parts that make people look at me funny and at the same time make for great photos.  James had a great group of guys and the best ring bearer ever!