Another downtown Wilmington *E* session adventure.  Teresa and Scott were the first victims of my disposable wedding camera experiment.  They played along nicely and before we knew it we were walking along the river with the setting sun.  A perfect day really.

Kicking off the spring season, Alison and Josh walked with me through the gardens looking for adventure. Although no adventure presented itself, we did manage to have some fun and create some great images for them. Meridith and I are really looking forward to being under the light house when they are married on Bald Head Island in September.

First of all, let me say that it was COLD! Tiffany was a trooper, and Chris who wore no jacket is still thawing out I’m sure. Tiffany’s brother and I were best friends growing up, so I’ve known her for quite a while. We started our session in downtown Wilmington and ended up at the beach where the wind was really testing our will to be outside. Lucky for us I can freeze the motion of shivering.

Back on the UNC campus for this session.  These two loved creating with me, and the day was a really good one for making great images!  I totally loved Shelley’s outfit; it gave a great feel to the images.

Jill & Joe’s *E* Session

December 26, 2007

At the beach with a twist.  While still at Wrightsville Beach, we began shooting in a few less beach looking locations.  These two climbed a tree!  That was fun, and the looks we got from the joggers and dog walkers made it all worth while.  It’s going to be a great time at their wedding in April, but I won’t make them climb anything unless it’s their idea.

Nikki & Keith’s *E* Session

December 16, 2007

We were back in downtown Wilmington for this session and then to the Beach. I’ve shown so many beach engagements lately that I noticed I just pulled from the downtown portion of the session for the blog. Nikki and Keith are cool and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding, but I will have to wait until June which I think I can do ok.

Judy & John’s *E* Session

December 3, 2007

We had a good time downtown and believe it or not the weather is still pretty good for shooting.  None of our shoots recently have lead to and hypothermia or pneumonia.  Judy and John had a good time, and I’ll be posting images from their wedding very soon too!

Katie & John’s *E* Session

November 17, 2007

for this *E* session adventure we found ourselves at Pilot Mountain.  John is from the area and actually proposed to Katie on the Mountain.  After weeks with no rain, this is the first day I had seen clouds in a long time.  It never really rained, but we did have to wait a while for the clouds to roll over the mountain and make it visible.  After that we traveled up to the mountain itself and shot some more.

What a beautiful and strange day at Wrightsville Beach.  Beautiful because the clouds were puffy, the light was hazy.  Strange because there were these swarms of black flies everywhere.  I’m not talking just a few, it was like a Sci-Fi movie at one point.  I grew up at this beach and had never seen anything like it before.

We moved location to a different stretch of beach which only helped a little.  Shannon and Allen were troopers through the whole thing.  They had driven a few hours for their beach session so it wasn’t like we were just going to try again tomorrow.  They also brought their little dogs who had a great time experiencing the beach.  By the time it was over we were all soaked (except the dogs) but had a great time.

Nancy & Will’s *E* Session

September 16, 2007

The setting for this session was the house where Nancy grew up.  Things like the swing and places around the house had special meaning for her and for Will too.  It was fun getting to know more about them and how they have known each other for so long.