Just the “Facts”

June 29, 2009

So I’ve waited a while to post about this because I wanted the storm to pass before stirring the pot.  A few months ago, we and some of our wedding colleagues were approached by a local news stations to be interviewed on how the “bad economy” has affected the wedding industry in our area.  When the day came for the crew to arrive, I decided to split at the last minute because I didn’t have any bad news to report and I got this feeling that the interviewer was looking for a specific doom and gloom angle.  Plus the camera makes me look fat.

Sadly, I was right. (on both counts)

When I returned and spoke with the other folks who were interviewed, they confirmed that the interviewer was asking questions specifically related to how bad things were.  Any time someone mentioned that in their experience and interactions with their clients, things were not as bad as the media suggests, the interviewer shrugged it off indicating that any possible good news was just not convincing right now.  So instead of going out to report the news (which wasn’t all that bad by the way) the people at the news station wrote a story that fed on the public’s fears and went out to find some convincing looking people to support that story regardless of facts.  It’s like the news was sponsored by Prozac and their job was to keep people completely depressed.

I don’t watch the news any more.  It’s just another reality show gone bad.

If it’s a big story, I’ll hear about it.  I heard about Ed, Farrah, Michael and Billy.  I’m sure I’ll hear if we go to war with Korea or Iran.  Either way I will keep doing what I’m doing and wish the best for everyone.  When mom said that everything on TV was pretend, I had no idea it meant EVERYTHING on TV was pretend.  Apparently so.

2 Responses to “Just the “Facts””

  1. Nikki Norris Mills said


    so good to see you and Meridith this weekend! I couldn’t find you to say good-bye, but hope you guys had a peaceful and safe trip home!

    Very true blog. Keith was recently interviewed on the same issue..how the econmony and the “swine flue” was affecting the swine industry and hog farmers..and despite the fact he repeately denied it’s affect on him personally, the news piece that aired twisted it in a million different directions to make sure it at least SOUNDED like it had. The reporter would not listen and Keith was very annoyed by the entire experience. Ha, the Prozac comment was dead on.

  2. nancy ray said

    so. true. the media skews everything! i’m definitely not a fan! but i kindof wish you had been interviewed and talked about how awesome everything is going for you… that would have thrown them for a loop. 🙂

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