Flashes of Hope

May 12, 2009

Last week I had the good fortune to work with Kim & Nancy from Flashes of Hope.  We were at the Children’s center at UNC Hospital.  For those who have not seen the previous posts, Flashes of Hope is an organization that uses professional photographers to create uplifting portraits of children with life threatening illnesses and their families free of charge.  All of these children were at the hospital going through treatments and often their appearance has already changed or is about to.  Flashes of hope believes that it’s important to celebrate this appearance change as part of the healing process.

The kids are in various stages of their treatments and for some you would never know they were sick.  Some love the camera, and have a thousand ways to express themselves.  Others are scared, and tired of feeling bad.  To many of them, “getting your picture taken” means going into the lab for more x-rays or scans which is not a happy thing for them.  I have found that if you work it hard enough you can get them to open up a bit.  Sometimes it takes bubbles though.

I think this is one of my favorites from the day.  We worked hard for this smile, and now it lives forever.

This girl had it going on.  She has watched all the High School Musical movies and had the routine down.

These are not intended to be just portraits of the kids.  Family involvement is a big part of the healing process and I want the images to reflect that the people around them care and are there for them.

8 Responses to “Flashes of Hope”

  1. Season Moore said

    They are all amazing James!

  2. Wow. Powerful shots of super special kids.

  3. Beth Jarvah said

    I’m proud to know someone who takes time like this to give back – You are an amazing person!

  4. Wow! These are so powerful and amazing! What a gift to them to have these.

  5. These are wonderful, James. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  6. Ivan Gonzalez said

    This is great work James.

  7. These are lovely, dramatic images that will be with your clients forever. Thanks for your great, careful, sensitive work!!

  8. Meredith Lindsay said

    Your work is an inspiration. I am about to begin school at Randolph Community College tomorrow and figured I would stop by and let you know how amazing these are.

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