OH Yeah…..

January 19, 2009

It’s my birfday, that’s right, it’s my birfday (normally spelled birthday, but not in the song)

Hell yeah, I made it to 29 again! What an accomplishment. I’m not usually a big celebrator of birthdays, but I have deemed 2009 as the year that everything gets really good again. I am determined to celebrate everything positive and so far, I am still alive and healthy and that’s pretty good. I’m determined to keep the drama low and the energy high this year, and if anyone tries to get in the way of that it will not be pretty.

2008 was a year of intense drama around our family with two births, three deaths, two cancer diagnoses, and nearly 40 fabulous weddings. We managed to hold it all together, BUT this year….2009….you will find me throwing my hands in the air every day screaming “hell yeah!” because it’s going to be that good!

3 Responses to “OH Yeah…..”

  1. Happy Birthday! What a great, positive outlook. I hope many wonderful things come your way in 2009 as you celebrate your 29th…again : > )

  2. Brent & Hayley Reck said

    Happy Birthday James! Can you believe that one year ago we were getting married and you were there with us celebrating, and of course taking amazing pictures! We hope that your 2009 brings you many, many amazing adventures…without the drama! 🙂
    Happy Birthday again!

  3. Beth Jarvah said

    No Way! I turned 29 again last year – Happy Big Day. So, listen up my little winter chicken, when the mood strikes to throw yo hands up – let it rip! Words from the older, wiser, and always taller Big B.

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