Back it Up!

October 29, 2008

Seriously, I write about this every year, and I write from experience.  Last night I was working late (again) and suddenly from my computer I hear a “click, click, click” sound.  That’s never good.  Next thing I know I get a big bad shut down message, I restart and when the computer is back up one of my five hard drives is not there.

It died.

That hard drive just happened to be the one that contains everyone’s wedding photos.

Oh no!

So after cursing a bit and taking account of how many hours this will set me back I casually took my back up drive from the other computer, take a new hard drive off the shelf and after six hours of copying data we’re back where we were.

All of our stuff is backed up a ridiculous number of times in different locations.  That’s one reason why I roll my eyes when people make the comment that digital must be a lot less expensive than having to buy all that film. (goobers)


If you’re like most people you have photos and music and other important stuff on your computer.  Don’t be like my brother-in-law who heard the clicking noise in his laptop and had nothing backed up.  He lost college papers, music he had purchased and his patience.  If you have a mac I would highly recommend getting something called a Time Capsule (google it).  It’s a wireless hard drive that can back up your entire computer and it’s quite effortless.  If you’re on a PC, then go see the Geek Squad or someone else who can hook you up with the best solution.

Just be sure to do it soon before you hear a click, clikck of your own!

3 Responses to “Back it Up!”

  1. Shara Lana said

    I am doing it right now! Thanks for the reminder. : )

  2. Hayley Reck said

    I have a mac and have not backed anything up and I have a dotMac account that is easy to back things up on and I have not done it yet. I guess I better! Thanks for the wake up call.

  3. Hayley Reck said

    Also I am going to google time capsule, I have not heard of this for Mac.

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