Update to 1920s Post

October 23, 2008

So I was hesitant to post the image of the beer mentioned two posts down because I have not caught up with the students to get their sign off.  They are all on internship right now so I won’t see them until January

I am posting their image here and links to their blogs so that you can check out the work they are doing in their other classes.  All students are required to keep a blog and post assignments.  (they are graded  on it)

Here is the before image that was pulled from the magazine (and how our saga began)

This is what the students produced.  A good effort despite a few little issues like camera angle and some lighting issues.

These four students are the ones responsible for the above image.  Check out their blogs and the other students too.  there’s some good stuff to see.

Ivan Gonzales

Amanda Clay

Christian Greenhill

Adam Sikora

3 Responses to “Update to 1920s Post”

  1. ivangonzalezphoto said

    YES SIR!!!

  2. Yes there were a few lighting issues but they weren’t as bad as the school and alcohol related issues. I never in my life… thought I would buy a six pack and hours later watch the entire thing go down a kitchen sink with a cop watching for campus security. Despite this we all almost gave up after four hours of lighting issues but pulled it through with Ivan assuring us he could “fix it in photoshop”.

  3. ivangonzalezphoto said

    ha ha, amanda is funny. I just hope we got a A, and i’m glad i didn’t get arrested! ha ha

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