I Love Skype!

September 16, 2008

What rock have I been living under?  Of course I had heard of Skype, but I thought it was just for people too cheap to use their day time cell phone minutes.  I just found out yesterday that you can quickly, easily and most of all freely set up an account and video conference any time with whomever you want.

When Will got home from school today Meridith couldn’t wait to show him this cool new thing.  I got a call at the office and we chatted for a bit before he went to bed. With yet another late night at the office, it’s cool to be able to check in with the peeps back home every once in while.  Since we are mac people, our newer computers have the cameras built in, I’m sure PCs have that too right??

Here’s a screen shot I took while chatting with Will and listening to Grace scream.  It’s a pretty good picture to be live video over the web.  This image filled the entire screen, or it can be in a small box if you want.

kids will be kids.  I guess it’s fun to watch yourself make faces in the little screen at the bottom.

So check out Skype.com and start connecting with people accross town, country or the world!

4 Responses to “I Love Skype!”

  1. Cheryl said

    Wow little Grace looks just like Meredith. Yea James get out of that rock Skype has been around. 🙂

  2. ~Sue-Leigh said

    Will and Grace have grown a lot, and both adorable!

  3. kevin lewis said

    Web Conferencing is one of the best way to communicate with the person located far from us. Due to its audio and video impact it has really more approachable. One of the services http://www.rhubcom.com/ provides the facility of web conferencing. I think just browse the link you will come to know about it.

  4. Jeremy said

    Hello?! Glad you guys joined the rest of the world 😉 Eric and I have been using skype exclusively for about 3 years now for all our work communication. Him being on a PC, and me being on a Mac, skype is a good go between.

    BUT, do you not use iChat for video from your mac to mac? iChat is WAY better if you are simply using a mac-to-mac chat. Skype is the only solution from Mac-to-PC chat.

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