Meet Grace

July 21, 2008

So I’ve been getting many emails lately from far and wide asking “did you guys have a baby?”

Well, yeah, we did.

Grace was born earlier this month, and is doing great. Meridith is doing well also and will be back at weddings with me next month. I’ve never been able to figure out why people want to know how much a baby weighed, but she was 7ish pounds. She has ten fingers and ten toes which is a very good thing.  She’s a great baby and sleeps a bunch.

I’ll post some more photos soon, but for now here is the official photo.

13 Responses to “Meet Grace”

  1. cheryl said

    Well she is just adorable… congragulations to both of you. Grace Ann is beautiful!!

  2. Nikki said

    I’ve been waiting for this photo! She’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. nancy ray said

    congratulations james and meredith! i was quite excited to read this news, especially talking with meredith at our wedding. blessings to you and the new addition to your family!

  4. oh my gosh, she is gorgeous! looks like meridith, thank goodness. 🙂

  5. Michele DeFoe said

    Gorgeous!! Congratulations to you both!

  6. Whoo-hoo! We’re SO happy for you all on your newest little family member. She’s gorgeous! We’ll give you a call when things settle down a bit. Love, annie & bill

  7. Shara Lana said

    Aww… How sweet!!! She is so pretty!!! If you need a 2nd give me a call. : ) I have the movers packing my Charleston home and headed to Charlotte. Would love to meet you and Meredith and little Miss Grace soon. God Bless Your Family!

  8. Tatham said

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Lyle and I are so happy for you both. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous addition to an already beautiful family!

  9. jameka said

    Wow…she is so cute!!! Congrats!

    *sorry I’m so late too*

  10. Kasey Ellis said

    Congrats! How wonderful!

  11. Hayley Reck said

    James & Meredith,
    Congratulations to you both! Not only is she a beautiful little girl but what a beautiful name! I look forward to seeing more pictures in the future.

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