Premier Baby Maternity Fashion

July 9, 2008

I love fashion shoots.  From throwing concepts around to the planning, to the day of the shoot, it’s all a lot of hard work, but in the end you get to see your work printed on glossy pages and it’s all worth it.

The work is especially fun when you get the opportunity to collaborate with a great editor and art director.  For this fashion spread we decided to do away with the typical theme-  models in clothing, on location just standing there.

This time we wanted something fun, bold, and maybe a little crazy for the maternity fashion.

So I said “how about a pinup theme?”  That got a great discussion flowing about all of the possibilities, all of the fun, campy things we could do, how the makeup would be, props we could get, not to mention all of the ways we would have to avoid offending our target audience of 100% women, most of whom are pregnant.

The photo shoot that resulted was a blast, and the graphic designer took the images and sent them over the edge with her great background treatments and graphics.  Next week we meet again to discuss the upcoming Bridal Fashion shoot.  The concept is set and it will be wildly different from anything we have attempted before.  Stay tuned, I’ll be able to share those in January.

For those who like the behind the scenes dish, one of the models really was seven months pregnant, the other was “virtually pregnant” for about five hours.  To make things more scandalous we did the whole shoot in a night club downtown.

We studied a lot of life magazines from the 40s and 50s for inspiration and were constantly amazed at how politically correct the world is now compared to then.  We ran across lots of cigarette ads claiming that “four out of five doctors agree that our smoke is less irritating to your throat and lungs than the other brand”  how effed up is that?

I used a total of four studio strobes to get the effect we were looking for, then I spent about 2 1/2 hours per photo cutting the models out of the background.  That part was tricky, and took so long because of the hair.  The edges of the hair have to look wispy which takes a lot of work, simply making the edges fuzzy just won’t do.

6 Responses to “Premier Baby Maternity Fashion”

  1. These are awesome! Not to mention totally cute!

  2. Cheryl said

    Was that A coke bottle???

  3. shane said

    This is the sickest fashion shoot I’ve ever seen. Period. Udaman.

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