Rebecca & Kraig- Asheville, NC

May 19, 2008

This wedding took us to the largest home in the country, Biltmore.  Rebecca and Kraig both love architecture and history and wanted to share this magnificent place with their friends and family.  Although the morning rain was enough to make everyone nervous, by ceremony time it was perfect and they had their ceremony in the gardens right in front of the conservatory.  Above all, these two were fun.   They were there to have a blast and they accomplished that.

There are few places as magical as Biltmore.  It is a bit of sensory overload because there is so much to see and always such little time, but well worth the visit every time we are there.  I wish that I could show a ton of images of the house and grounds, but Biltmore has a contract that we have to sign saying that we won’t.  Oh well, it’s their house.

No shortage of shutterbugs.  Rebecca’s dad was always at the ready with his iphone.

This image below is forever known as the “Josie” shot and this is only the second time in three years Meridith has created an image like this.  Josie if you are reading this, then now you know you have a shot named after you!

After an entire morning of rain the sun came out for about a half an hour after the ceremony.  Lucky us!

The reception was held inside the conservatory.  What an amazing place!  Everywhere you looked was just lush and beautiful.

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  1. Ed Kawczynski said

    Looks like a great place to shoot…and shoot…and shoot(c:

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