A Dose of Perspective

May 15, 2008

So how was your day today?

I’d have to say that my day was for the most part pretty crappy. Nothing major or unusual, just little things that added up to feel like big weights holding my good mood down and not letting it up for air.

First there was the big web site controversy (not allowed to discuss). Then the bad weather began which canceled a few afternoon sessions. Then there is the editorial job that’s taking a bit longer to produce than first estimated and the editor is being so nice and patient, but I feel bad about it.

Stay with me here, there’s a point to all of this.

Besides the thrill of being in the middle of our busiest time of year we are also moving into an awesome new gallery space which at first sounds great until you consider the stress involved in the process of moving. Then it turns out that none of our fabulous furniture that is in our current gallery will work in our new space, so it’s back to square one. On top of all of this, right after lunch I received a call from our son’s school. His teacher said that he was trying to choke another kid and we needed to come pick him up early.

I was pretty much ready to throw up my hands and scream “Calgon take me away!” (you might have to be over 30 to remember that commercial) That’s the point at which I received another call.

This call was from UNC Hospital. I had forgotten that I am on call this week to be available to all area hospitals as a part of the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep organization. I don’t talk or blog about my involvement much because it makes people sad and I don’t like for people to be sad, but it is important and meaningful work so I do it.

As I was in the hospital room with the family, experiencing their emotion as an outsider, I was drawn to the thought of how simple life really is and how much we complicate it with our petty problems. Then I quietly observed and photographed the baby lying in his mother’s arms sharing a few special moments before his spirit passed from this world to the next. The moments that followed were very peaceful and calm with the exception of some of the medical monitoring equipment beeping.

While this event certainly didn’t turn my day around, it gave me the opportunity to experience clarity and perspective that I did not possess before walking into that room. While I still have all the issues in my life that I had when I arrived, it’s safe to say that you won’t hear me bitching about them any time soon.

This is probably the eighth or ninth of these sessions I have done in the past six months. They are all unique situations and I come away with very different feelings every time. Perhaps it’s because each time I go in with my mind on my world I usually come out thinking about life itself and then go hug my kid.

Perspective is powerful. I got a big dose of it today that I thought could be shared with the world here on the blog.

4 Responses to “A Dose of Perspective”

  1. shara lana said

    WOW! Powerful! I am a volunteer too, just have not gotten the call. I know who to call need if I should need some insight! Love your work! I will be moving to Charlotte soon from Charleston. Maybe we can meet one day! I would like that.

  2. getthelook said

    Hi Shara,

    I hope we do meet, and I’m happy to provide any help with the NILMDTS experience. Why on earth would you leave Charleston? I plan to be old there some day!

  3. Cheryl said

    Very interesting… I find it hard to beleive that Will would choke anyone? He is so sweet and mild mannered. Life sure does have its ups and downs and somehow we make it through, I do agree it is the little things that we so often miss that make it all worth while.

  4. hollandphotoarts said

    So sorry to to hear it’s a bit of a difficult time for you all right now, but know we’re thinking of you all often. We’re in the thick of it, too so thank you, for providing some perspective to me this morning.


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