April 14, 2008

As photographers, Meridith and I like to decorate our world with photographs from other artists. It’s tough though, because we don’t necessarily want images of people we don’t know hanging on our walls and we’re not really into landscapes so it really narrows our options.

Every time we go to Charleston we stop by the Walter O. LeCroy Gallery and admire the interesting work on display. We have been looking at this piece for about three years and finally decided to take it home last weekend (actually we had it shipped, it’s way bigger than our car will hold)

The process Walter used for this image is “cameraless photography” which means that a very high quality scanner is used to create the images which are mainly of botanical subjects. This method gives a very crisp, ultra detailed look to the subjects as well as a razor thin depth of focus.

We are both really excited to have this in our home. Art you connect with just makes you feel good.

3 Responses to “ART!”

  1. Cheryl said

    I like this!

  2. Ed Kawczynski said

    Looks good…but…should go just a “smidge” to the right. (c:

  3. Oh, wow! That is SO unique and beautiful. I love it! 🙂

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