Happy April Fools!

April 1, 2008

After last year I’m not allowed to do any April Fools pranks.

For those who didn’t get my April fools news letter last year, It stated that we were going to abandon our digital cameras and be shooting all of our future weddings on black and white film. In my defense I did leave a lot of clues that it was an April fools inspired story, but only a few folks really embraced that.

Good grief did the response pour in! Brides were calling and emailing to be sure it wasn’t THEIR wedding that we were talking about doing that. Other photographers emailed to tell us that it was a cool idea at the same time gently indicating that they thought we might have gone insane. Past clients emailed to say that they saw the newsletter and were relieved that their wedding album was already delivered.

Then there was the worst part of all. (or funniest part, it kinda depends on how you look at it) Meridith was across the room throwing paper at the back of my head, hurling “I told you sos” right and left, and trying to deal with a suddenly very active email inbox.

In the end, there was no film shot in the year of 2007, (not that we ever intended to) and I learned a very important lesson. I’m not exactly sure what the lesson is just yet, but I know it’s important. So this April first, no tricks, no pranks, just happy Tuesday!

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