The ‘One’ Project

March 26, 2008

Last night I got together with several other photographers here in Raleigh for a special project. Instead of the usual meetings where we catch up on each other’s current events, this meeting was about creating images. The concept of the ‘One’ project is that several photographers come together and utilize the same subject and tools to explore their vision.

Each photographer took turns going into the shooting space. There was one model, one studio light, one background, one assistant with a reflector and another to time you. Everyone was limited to an 85mm lens and 1GB CF card, and no one was allowed to see what the others were doing. Each photographer was given twenty minutes to do whatever they wanted with the tools available to them. Once your time was up you then had to edit and enhance quickly to turn images in for the slide show during dinner.

The experience was amazing! Out of the seven of us that participated, the range of different looks and images was unbelievable. There were those who focused more on technique and less on the model’s expressions, and others who used straight forward technique but managed to pull so much more emotion and feeling out of their subject.

Even though we all seven used the same tools and were working under the same limitations, there were no two images that were even similar to one another. This reinforces my belief that great photography really has very little to do with the type of equipment a person uses and everything to do with their own personal vision of the world.

Here are the four images that I turned in for the show. I’m pretty happy with them. For next quarter’s assignment we are going to draw a color out of a hat and complete an assignment based on that color.

2 Responses to “The ‘One’ Project”

  1. What an awesome idea! Maybe we can get some of our VA friends together and do something like that. I’ve always loved the idea of “shootouts”.

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