I Laughed Out Loud!

March 19, 2008

Fine, call me a snob, but when I saw this pack of cameras in the grocery store I just couldn’t help but laugh. I see these things at weddings, and never really thought about it, but these are marketed specifically for weddings. Like a person would really trust their memories to a $4.00 disposable camera. I have to admit though, the graphics on the camera are pretty convincing. They just put me in a wedding kind of mood and I feel that with this camera in my hands, nothing can come between me and photographic Nirvana. (uh, yea, sure)


On the positive side they are much more responsive than any digital point and shoot camera I have ever used. With these, if you press the button it takes a picture. There’s no waiting, no burst of three flashes to wait for, it just happens. That doesn’t mean the photos will be any good, just easier to take.





In an attempt to get my $8 (plus processing) worth out of these I will be taking this little gem to the next few photo sessions to see just how far we can push this little box. Here’s a grab I made from Friday’s session.





2 Responses to “I Laughed Out Loud!”

  1. Archer Pam said

    Many brides put these cameras on the guest tables, so that the guests can take pictures. Many candid shots are a result. A photographer can’t possibly capture all the special moments of the day, so these images can be priceless. Of course, they can’t and shouldn’t replace a professional photographer.

    Pamela Archer

  2. getthelook said

    Well said Pam, It’s for sure that we can’t be everywhere at once. What is for sure though, is that when these cameras are on the tables, some guests will want to be clever and take a picture of the photographers! This always makes me laugh too.

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