Bridal Teasers

March 11, 2008

So how fun is this. Since I can’t show bridal portraits before the wedding the same way I can engagement sessions, I’ll start blogging very abstract images from each session. The kind of image that gives you a little without giving anything away. Then if I can remember (no promises) I’ll try to blog more from the session after the wedding has happened (again no promises).

This is from yesterday’s session. We went executive boardroom style.

6 Responses to “Bridal Teasers”

  1. Ed Kawczynski said

    Well, it’s kind of like typing half of….
    And then…
    What I mean is…

  2. getthelook said

    Yeah, but I was hoping it would be more fun than waiting another month for me to blog something.

  3. getthelook said

    not to worry though, weddings start back up again soon!

  4. Ed Kawczynski said

    I check this site pretty often and I enjoy your images…but I’m not too impressed with this idea…looking forward to “real” photos. (c:

  5. Dude, I *totally* know who that is. She’s going to be soooooooo upset!

  6. getthelook said

    Oh snap! No he didn’t!

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