Congratulations Nicole & Brad!

February 15, 2008

I just love getting notes from people we have worked with over the years. This note just came in and I wanted to share my congratulations on their new baby! It is an exciting time when a new baby arrives, and the fun really never stops.

Even though we have done several hundred weddings in the last ten years, we still remember all of our clients! A lot of people might think that’s impossible, but seriously, between the photo sessions, the wedding, editing, album designing and retouching, by the time it’s all over we have spent many dozens of hours looking at hundreds of photos of each couple we work with. That tends to stay with you. Not only that, but every wedding is so different from our perspective. It’s our job to notice everything, so we take much more than just a passing interest. Anyway here is the note from Nicole. We can’t wait to see you at Elizabeth’s wedding!

“Hi James – Not sure if you remember me or not but you were our photographer 4 years ago at our wedding. Brad and I loved your work and get so many compliments every time someone looks at our album! I also heard you were doing our friend’s wedding in June at Ceasar’s Head…Elizabeth. She adored your work and knew she wanted to use you. So glad that worked out. We’ll be at the wedding so we hope to say a quick hello.

I just wanted to let you know that Brad and I had our first baby 3 weeks ago and wanted to share the news with you. Baker Lindan was born on Jan 24th and is a beautiful baby boy. I feel like you did so much for us by documenting our wedding in such a beautiful way and anyone that does something so memorable deserves to share in the joy of an occasion like this! So, thank you and hope you and Meredith and the family are doing well!

nicole, brad, and baker “

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