On a Much Happier Note

February 6, 2008

Will is growing up fast. Last Saturday, he and I set out on a day long adventure. We started at the train yard in downtown Raleigh and he had a blast! For the first time ever I totally felt like that annoying parent who wanted to take pictures of their kid and the kid is totally over it. We were sure to trespass as much as possible and do all the things that would make Meridith clutch her pearls in horror at the thought of her little boy out in such places. We left downtown around lunch time, had a great picnic lunch in a park and spent the afternoon rock climbing. A perfect day!

My favorite blue wall downtown.  Will is so over having photos taken at this point.

6 Responses to “On a Much Happier Note”

  1. Will is such a little cutie! Great shots!

  2. Cheryl said

    Great Pictures James!! He bubbles with personality, and is a joyous child to be around. It’s days that we spend like this that they will remember forever.

  3. Hayley Reck said

    James, He looks just like you! What a handsome little man. These shots are great! Where is his train yard?

  4. Hayley Reck said

    I meant THIS train yard.

  5. These Shots are cool James, the one in front of the graffiti tag look like a junco jeans ad or something it makes me laugh!

  6. Tiffany Rhodes said


    Will looks so cute. I love the pictures! The picture in front of the blue wall is so good!


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