Hayley & Brent- Durham, NC

January 25, 2008

It was my second white wedding (because of the snow) and also my birthday.  Oh, and Brent and Hayley got married too 😉

It snowed off and on all day, and even though we were inside most of the time there was no shortage of places to go for great images.  Hayley and Brent had been dating for six years before this day.  Everyone was so happy and just having a great time all day long.  We did end up outside at the very end of the evening and created some super cool images under the street lights and stormy skies.

Mother Nature never really could decide between rain, sleet or snow.  Even a little snow made it really special, because not only is it rare here, we very much enjoyed having water falling from the sky in any shape or form!

3 Responses to “Hayley & Brent- Durham, NC”

  1. Hayley & Brent Reck said


    WOW! What amazing photos. You are a Bride’s Dream! Please thank Meredith for letting us have you on your birthday. We had so much fun and were glad that you were there to celebrate with us!

  2. Brent Reck said

    For anyone checking out these photos, as the groom, I didn’t have a real appreciation for photography until I met James. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed it was fun working with him the entire day. I am not a big fan of smiling for the camera but with James it was easy and he made it effortless. Not only did I smile but I spent most of the time, in front of the camera, laughing. James has a real chemistry about him that made everyone comfortable and in awe of his talent and passion for the art. I can’t begin to thank him enough for capturing our wedding on film.

  3. Dirk said

    Great work on this series guys!

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