Evil Glitter

January 23, 2008

I suspect that only half of those reading this will understand what I’m talking about, but here goes.  There are many ways kids express love for their parents.  Macaroni necklaces, pieces of paper with different colors scrawled all over, bringing various rocks, sticks and leaves to show us that they care.   They make cute crafts at school, with paints, cut paper, beads, feathers, and worst of all, glitter.

Glitter is a special kind of punishment for parents because the kids love it so much .  It sparkles after all, so we are expected to share in the kids’ enthusiasm for it, while at the same time wondering how in the hell we’re going to get it all cleaned up before it’s ground deep into the surface of everything in the house.  All the while more and more of the stuff is flaking off of the page where it is supposed to be glued down.

Last week Will came home from school with a picture of an ice skate that he had covered with green glitter.  Looking into his school bag there appeared to be a lifetime supply of green glitter in the bottom of the bag, covering his gloves, hat and everything else.  Next thing you know glitter is on me too.  On my head, hands, clothes, I look like some disco leprechaun  that bought a be-dazzler off of the home shopping channel.

Bottom line, glitter is evil.  I’m not saying we should ban the stuff, goodness knows what preschools around the country would do if that happened, but perhaps we could laminate the art before it comes home.  Just a thought.

3 Responses to “Evil Glitter”

  1. Cheryl said

    Lamanation what an idea! The bigger problem is deciding what famous art work you would like to keep and what to slyly get rid of. My daughter is almost nine that is a lot of art work!
    The good news is that glitter does fade with age.

  2. Ha! In my books, glitter is right up there in evilness with candy.

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