What the….?

December 22, 2007

I don’t typically blog about this stuff because I know that most of our blog readers want to see pretty wedding photos, but it’s Saturday and I’m trying to live up to my blog a day goal so let’s call this open subject day.  Plus, this has been bugging me for a while.

I just received two emails from Jaguar (the car maker) touting their two new models.   The first one I saw made me say EEW!  The second one I said OH, YEAH!  I judge cars by their design.  I don’t look for safety or power as some might.  It’s important for a car (costing what these do) to really make a statement.

First for my disappointment.  It’s called the XF and quite frankly, it looks like any other Lexus or Infinity.  Nothing against those cars they are cool, but styling wise, Jaguar has always designed a very distinct looking car for all of its models, this one would easily get lost in a crowd.  The real bummer is that it seems really nice in all other aspects.

Next to what they did very right.  The new XK.  I’ve never really been a sports car person, but this thing is just pretty.  You can tell that the designers at Jaguar have been having lunch with their buddies over at Aston Martin.  The design is similar enough to draw a comparison, (and I really don’t know much about cars)  At about $80,000 less than a comparable Aston Martin I can see a ton of baby boomers jumping onto a new XK this year!

Happy Driving!

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