My Yearly reminder to BACK IT UP!

December 17, 2007

Imagine my surprise a while back when I restarted my computer and one of the hard drives did not show up.  Not just any hard drive, it was THE hard drive that contained every wedding we have done this year.  It had all the engagement sessions, bridal sessions and album designs.  After trying a dozen different things to determine if it was just some error or if the drive was really dead it was determined that this hard drive was toast.

What to do?

Well it’s for sure I was mad, but I wasn’t really worried, because after I returned from the store with a brand new hard drive, I simply copied all of the weddings, engagements, bridals and albums from my back up drive to the new drive and went about my business as if nothing had happened.  All of our work is backed up in at least three to four other places at any given time, so what do I care if a drive fails, I expect them to.

So this holiday as you are busy snapping photos of the family opening gifts, remember to figure out how you are going to keep an extra copy of those photos around so you won’t be disappointed when the drive in your computer crashes.  Because someday it will.

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