Resolution #1- Letting go

December 9, 2007

2008 is looking to be an insanely busy and exciting year, so I’m feeling as though I need to get a jump start on some of the routine new year tasks.  One of my resolutions this coming year is to let go of the little things that people do that usually bug me.  These are general things that may happen in different places at different times, but none the less things that have always really bugged me. 

For all who know me well, you know that I’m a mostly positive, very laid pack personality, I have come into the understanding that it is best to let go of the negativity that these small annoyances bring into my life, but I also thought it might be an interesting excercise to make a quick list of those items I’ll be overlooking from now on.

In no particular order:

-When people stop at the top of an escalator to decide which way to go as if no one else is behind them.

-The letters ASAP appearing anywhere in correspondence to me.

-When I have to repeat myself

-The fact that my Grandmother thinks I’m retired because I don’t have a 9-5, M-F job

-When it’s obvious that someone has no idea what they’re talking about

-When my wife passes judgment on my blog posts

-People who have a lot of enthusiasm for things I find pointless

-When I have the perfect composition in my camera of a child and am waiting for the right expression and their mom notices me and tells the kid to “look at the camera and smile”  (boy that used to make me mad)

-People with an unnecessary sense of urgency about everything

-When people stand in the doorway at a social gathering and act inconvenienced when you need to get through

-When Aunt Jane drags me across the dance floor to get a shot of Grandpa dancing with little Gracie when I already did that ten minutes ago.  (she didn’t know)

-When I have to repeat myself  😉

-When people drag their feet when they walk and it makes that scraping sound over and over

-The fact that most of my friends own a minivan

-Updates on Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Anna Nicole, and others

Things I can’t let go of: (and probably never will)

– When people wear dark dress socks with shorts or sandals

-People who are late on a constant basis

-When a person asks me a question and then just keeps talking so I can never answer them

-Driving slow in the left lane on the interstate (watch out!)

-Cigarette smoke

Ahh, that felt better.  Do any of you have annoyances you would like to let go of?  Like the annoyance of  having to read random blog posts about other people’s personal issues?

3 Responses to “Resolution #1- Letting go”

  1. I only have things I can’t let go of, sorry. For instance, people who STAND on the moving walkways in airports. Those are there so you can get to your plane FASTER by WALKING ON THEM. Not so you can take a load off for 100 feet.

  2. getthelook said

    I hear you there Matt! They always lean seem to block the way too.

  3. Ed Kawczynski said

    Those are some good ones – – good luck “letting go”
    BTW Matt – you need to get to the airport earlier.

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