Emily & Scott

October 19, 2007

This was like a big reunion! We got to see so many people we knew from past clients Mollie & Drew, to the famous “Mrs. K” Kristine Kokoski who planned the whole event to the very last detail. I now think that every church wedding should have a full choir. It was really powerful to have all of those voices at once and made for a completely different wedding experience. Emily and Scott were fun as always and drove to the reception in the coolest old truck that Scott’s Dad had restored to mint condition. On with the show!

This is the front of that great truck. Notice the ‘W’ on top. I keep forgetting the brand of truck, but I want that to be the next Walters & Walters logo!

The cake was by Ketchie Creek Bakery which is owned by Mollie’s mom. Some of the best cakes anywhere!

Left to right: Me, Meridith, Mollie, Drew. They got married in April of 2005. I can’t believe it’s been that long!

Look there’s me! Meridith was stalking the party from the balcony and I was down in the action.

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