Leigh Ann & Adam- Durham, NC

October 7, 2007

Meridith and I had a blast shooting Leigh Ann & Adam’s wedding.  The whole day they were happy and just concerned with enjoying their time with each other and their friends and family.  It’s like we all just floated through the day and in the process created great images for them.  We were back at Duke Chapel for the ceremony and it was beautiful, but Leigh Ann’s creativity really came out when we arrived at the reception (see below).

This lollipop tree was placed at the kid’s table.  There were activities for the kids throughout the reception including a photo scavenger hunt with a long list of things for the kids to capture during the party.

It’s kind of a subtle thing, but when I saw the photo below I laughed out loud.  The girls were taking pictures during the first dance with the disposable cameras from the table and the girl on the far right shows that kids now expect to be able to see the photos on the back of the camera. (even if the camera doesn’t do that)

3 Responses to “Leigh Ann & Adam- Durham, NC”

  1. Mary said

    These are so sweet! I love the one of the little girls with the cameras. Great framing and color!!

  2. ~Sue-Leigh said

    I was at Duke Chapel on the 7th too! I love the fish-eye shot 🙂

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