Anni & Jay- Lake Norman, NC

October 5, 2007

It was a magical weekend.  From the super personalized gift bag in our hotel room to the rehearsal dinner on a paddle boat and the fun on the wedding day.  This was a two day adventure, and I’m sure that Anni & Jay have must still be resting up from all of their activities surrounding their wedding.  We had the pleasure of working again with our good friend Terri Lambert of Weddings by Design who made it all look good and run smooth.  There are a lot of photos to share, so I’ll get on with it.

The gift bag was loaded with Anni and Jay’s favorite snacks from popcorn to candy.  It also contained all the info you might want to know about the weekend plans including schedules and phone numbers for everyone involved.  Now that’s organized!

I had a little bit of a crush on this mannequin head we saw at the salon where the ladies got ready.  I’m sure I took a few too many photos, but we did end up taking photos of real people too.

Anni’s mom was quite the photo snapper and at one point handed the camera to Anni.  As many of you know, I’m not afraid to shoot back, and this time I really caught her in action.

This was the scene a few hours before the wedding on the 18th green.  Like I said, it was non stop action and adventure for all involved.

The programs were fans which were very useful because I think at one point the temperature reached about  230 degrees.  Well, maybe not that hot, but pretty close.  At least it didn’t rain.

The reception theme was all about sailing and sail boats.  I mean we were at the Lake Club so it made sense.  Anni and Jay even left the reception on a sail boat!

Four out of five dentists agree that candy bars at weddings are good for their business.  By dinner I was good an plump from apple Jelly Bellies.  Yum!

This band rocked!  Spare Change kept the party people moving all night.  The lady in the middle has an electric fiddle and it brought a whole new dimension to a band that I haven’t experienced before.

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