Candice & Sheldon- Atlantic beach, NC

September 13, 2007

What a great day! First, we got the chance to do another wedding with Maria with Maranna Design. The details were perfect, and everything went flawlessly. Secondly Lyn from Fresh Affairs, who by the way is our favorite florist on the planet drove a big refrigerated truck out to Atlantic Beach to make the church and the Dunes Club spectacular. I overheard one of the Dunes Club staff say that it was the most amazing event and decoration that they had seen there ever. Enough with the gossip, on with the photos.

We thought this was cool. It’s a handkerchief that has been passed from friend to friend for each of their weddings. Each time it is embriodered with the names and date.

An example of Lyn’s centerpiece genius.

Oooo, and there was no cake at this wedding. In it’s place was the biggest baddest ice cream sundae ever. Yum!

So Sheldon had a big surprise for Candice. After the ceremony we all went to the beach for photos. At the exact moment we arrived at the beach an airplane pulling a banner flew right over us. This happened right outside of the club and Sheldon had cocktail napkins printed to direct the guests to all come out and share in his surprise.

Not only did Sheldon have a plane with a banner fly over; there were fireworks later! I love fireworks!

2 Responses to “Candice & Sheldon- Atlantic beach, NC”

  1. Gloria M said

    Wow! I love your photos. Found you trough Jessica Claire’s blog. I’m going to check all your archive. Love your style. Love the parking lot shot (the other post). Love the beach one, the back one, the firework one and the last one of this post.
    I’m going to bookmark your blog. Oh! my last name is Meredith. Just different spelling. ^_^

  2. Gloria M said

    Hey. how come you don’t get tons of comments? Something is wrong here. Gotta tell everyone about your blog.

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