Lisa & David- Greensboro, NC

September 5, 2007

Back to our old stomping grounds of Greensboro.  In fact we were at Grandover Resort which is one of our favorite places for weddings in that area.  It was also the super hottest day ever, so much so that we ended up doing some of the stuff we’d normally do outside indoors, and it takes a lot to ge me to shoot indoors.

The party that followed the ceremony was led by the one and only Anita from Atlanta.  They keep the people moving all night.  It’s a great experience to photograph.

Lisa and David chose to see each other before the ceremony.  This is that moment.  This happens very rarely, so it’s cool to see every now and then.

I was loving all of the texture and detail of the dress.

2 Responses to “Lisa & David- Greensboro, NC”

  1. Krystal said


    And I have to know, who made that fabulous dress?

    🙂 Krys

  2. James & Meridith said

    The dress is Melissa Sweet!

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