The Prodigy

August 31, 2007

I actually left the office for a moment and saw some sunshine. I ended up at Best Buy to get an extra hard drive to back up all of these photo sessions we’ve been doing lately. While there I found a two disk set of singles from “The Prodigy”. Yeah, this music is pretty old, but I never bought it when it came out, I was a poor college student.

Call me old fashioned, but I still buy CDs over downloading. This one came with a great photo booklet. You may or may not remember hearing their stuff. If you were old enough to go to the clubs in the 90s you no doubt heard such classics as “Fire starter” “Voodoo People” and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite “Smack my bitch up”. The 90s weren’t all about grunge rock and flannel shirts.

Listening to this stuff again makes me want to go out and get some strobe lights for the gallery and maybe a smoke machine, but I won’t.

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