A Funny Book

July 21, 2007

Meridith and I were in Barnes & Noble a few days ago and this book caught my eye. The title: Somebody is going to die if Lilly Beth doesn’t catch that bouquet– The Official Southern Guide to hosting the Perfect Wedding. was something I can relate with because I have seen that scenario play out at several proper southern weddings in my time.

I opened the book to random pages, and it’s just funny. It includes many recipes such as how to punch up punch without adding alcohol. The difference between Baptist and Presbyterian punch and of course the proper way to treat Northern guests. I would recommend it as a lite read (if you’re still planning your wedding) no matter how southern you are or are not.

Though I rarely say “y’all”, I was born and raised in the south, but this book is a whole new level of southern to me, so some of it I have seen first hand and other subjects are too funny to relate with, but still funny.

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