Congratulations to Josie & Keith

July 10, 2007

For their wedding feature in Weddings Unveiled Magazine! I can’t believe it was last summer when we were climbing rocks and having a great time on their wedding weekend.  Again, my scans of the pages leave a bit to be desired, but if any of our brides would like a copy of this magazine for some good wedding eye candy, call me.

2 Responses to “Congratulations to Josie & Keith”

  1. Alette said

    Wow that sure looks all very nice 🙂
    I have had my first weddingshoot few weeks ago. Was all well but some friends of the bride came tagging along with the actual shoot with lots and lots of camera’s. They were standing in the way for sure. So next time no friends coming along with camera’s.
    I haven’t been here for some time, was on holiday ( Mallorca) but I missed out a lot, beautiful photos.

    ( the Netherlands)

  2. Gorgeous work as always! I am in love with that pigeon shot, what great timing!!


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