Lucky 13

June 23, 2007

It’s hard to believe that this Monday, Meridith and I will be celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary. That kinda went by fast! I thought I would dig up a few photos from way back to entertain you. I couldn’t get to the wedding pictures though, cause they’re locked in a safe somewhere. (literally)

So if you call on Monday and get a recording, just know that we are resting in a hammock in the cool Asheville breeze, eating homemade cookies at our favorite bed and breakfast.

This little gem is from our 8th grade prom. We couldn’t even drive to the thing, but we rocked out to a lot of the same 80s tunes that we now hear every week at wedding receptions. The only difference is that those songs were new then. Ahh the 80s!

This is us a couple of years later (circa 1990) at a photo shoot for Meridith’s model comp card (which hopefully explains the hat).

Fast forward a dozen or so years and this is us now. Distorted, but together still. That about sums it up!

2 Responses to “Lucky 13”

  1. Congrats!! 8th grade! holy geez, must be doing something right! šŸ˜‰


  2. Stephanie Creech said

    Oh my goodness, you guys have been together a long time. AWWW! Congratulations!

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